Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Still being a naughty girl!

You see, you are never too ill to be naughty and yesterday is living proof of that.  Okay... so I didn't murder anyone, but I did go to Mac Donalds for a chocolate milkshake, for which Doctor Young (remember the PH diet?) would have me hung, drawn and quartered.   Today I am behaving myself again, eating properly and trying to keep my system alkaline.

The visitors keep coming, which is lovely and I'm not knocking it, but  I am getting really knackered now.  Sometimes I feel as though I'm being killed with kindness.

There's so much I want to say, I hardly know where to start.  I'm conscious that poor F is in the kitchen while I'm sitting here dictating to poor J (F should be safe enough with hubby in the kitchen, though, jejejejeje).

At least my skin is in better shape than it ever has been, what with all these lovely skin creams - do keep them coming! - I had a shower last night, followed by being slavered in Molton Brown body souffle.  It was hard work, what with all this bloody muscle wastage an 'all, but I did it, and felt soo luverly afterwards! 

Haven't read anymore of the Seagull book yet, but did watch Lost!    I tell you, I thought I was going completely mad watching that!  It was like, is it the morphine?!  And wtf did they do to America's  Next Top Model aka ANTM?  It went all futuristic (silver hair for the 2 Js no less.  It was quite good, mind)  I loved watching it with my Big' un.    A little bit of normality with the kids is important I think, especially with nurses passing by the house twice a day, every day. 

N.B.  The nurses have all been, without fail, lovely/friendly/kind/efficient/accommodating/etc.  and, unusually for me, I'll swallow any buts!!!

Note to any one recently diagnosed, start with the diets today!  Don't leave it until you are throwing everything back up, oh, and start the visualisation and keep it going!  I only say this because it does get more difficult to concentrate!!!  (Or is that my female 'butterfly' mind perhaps, that flits and floats - and always did, regardless of morphine/meds/etc.)  

I still  awaken every morning, with an ongoing narrative, telling me what to type here on the blog though.  The old mind is alive with thoughts of love, success, health, and someone - would you believe?! contacted me through facebook, to say how angry they were about my tumour/condition etc!  I don't want to sound all cliched here, but I do truly believe that my illness is a lot to do with forgiving myself and other people... indeed when I first had acupuncture, the Chinese Lady told me not to get angry with it.  I'm not angry at all.  Really.  And not even trying to be all goody-two-shoes either!  I heard it said, early on: 1-in-3: why not me?!!! 

So, all that spiritual work I meant to do on myself as a screwed up, lost teenager, is being done now...earlier, as I staggered down to the end of the garden reciting, "I can, I can, I can!"  The I-Ching says I'll be fine if I do the work, and it's always been right so far!!!

More tomorrow! xxxxxxxxx


liz fenwick said...

A chocolate milkshake from McD's - I love or used too. Keep being naughty and keep being you.

Calistro said...

You weren't the only one to be confused by Lost!

And ANTM - Gawd, they're really pulling out all the novelty moves aren't they? The futuristic thing (did you cringe like I did when Tara came out of the bod and half-heartedly pretended to be a robot?!), the girls you know KNOW are going to start fights with each other and the transexual. It's like the 'Model' bit has been forgotten and it's all about the conflict now (which as we know it what makes fiction so compelling!). Still...I'll keep watching, you can be sure of it! ;o)

Debs said...

Yum to McD chocolate milkshake, I haven't had one of those in years.

I must have missed the transexual in ANTM, which doesn't surprise me because I'm always channel hopping.

Annieye said...

Keep milkshaking, body souffling and blogging - and be as naughty as you like! (Didn't 'get' Lost either although I was only half watching it)

hesitant scribe said...

liz - yes, but no, as it is acidic apparently!
calistro - thank god for that! as for tyra and bot stuff, hmmm, i hardly know what to say. no, actually, i thought they tried to pull off summat different for number 11, and i thought they did too, but with you on the who's gonna fight who etc., though I am still a saddo and enjoy watching them develop as models (now now, really!) They need to be so much: model, actress, presenter, sales person, and so on!!!
debs - I couldn't drink a lot of the milkshake, luckily (calm down DR. Young.) They really are no good for us, but you already know that one, I'm sure! The transexual is a weird one in ANTM and I especially noted that there was only one girl (the Asian, was it? who wasn't blown away by the threat of a bit of 'extra' competition!!!) The others all just needed an excuse to say they lost because it's an unfair competition!

L-Plate Author said...

good to hear you still have a naughty streak honey. You are in my thoughts every day x

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I never ever liked those milkshakes - but I do so understand the appeal of being naughty once in a while. And well done for making it out of the house! Keep saying what you need to say, we'll keep reading and responding. It's always so lovely to hear from you.

Tam said...

Banana milkshake for me, if you're getting a round in :-)

I don't watch Lost. I got - er - lost about series 2 and never summoned the energy to find my way back. My daughter watches ANTM tho.

Keep up the garden trips and the MB souffle! Jo Malone stuff is v nice if you're dropping hints to visitors!

Denise said...

Ooh, molten brown, lovely. I think there's something odd about you if you're not bewildered by Lost. It exists only to screw around with your brain.
Glad the nurses are being kind, you can always threaten them with a raw juice drink if not...

Lane said...

Stopped watching Lost after series 2 as we're still in the dark ages and don't have Sky. Ditto ANTM!

Keep being norty m'dear and glad to hear you're being well looked after;-)

ChrisH said...

So, taps foot, whilst I was fretting about you, you were out slurping up chocolate milkshake! I love those... but when did they ever see a cocoa bean? Or a cow? Glad you had some ordinary time with your girls. Stay positive - have some positive vibes from me, too.

harriet said...

Keep up the good work you wonderfully naughty person. It all sounds great. xxx

Jon M said...

Love those thick milkshakes, the ones you have to suck on the straw so hard you're frightened that the windows will implode!

Many years ago, I went into a Macdonalds in Copenhagen and asked for a 'Thick Shake' and the teenager behind the counter laughed at me, called his friends over and asked me to say it again! Swines!

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