Monday, 26 January 2009

Still getting out of bed unassisted!

... but I must admit it isn't easy - though I just made it to the end of the garden again  without throwing up/falling over/crashing into anything/etc., (ahem... where's me medal?!).  My vision is blurry, and cannot think how to clear that - other than to get people to type for me!!!  I'm truly disappointed that I never made it to the riding school this morning, but there'll be other days where I'll be fitter and can enjoy it more (ha ha!).

My best friend, Desi,  from Spain came over on Friday evening, from Mijas Costa.  Only she could miss her flight (etc.,) !  She phoned us in hysterics from Malaga airport on Thursday having had her usual dramatics, "bu I-I'm here in time" (20 minutes before departure) "

No love that's late!

To cut a long story short she arrived safely a day later but still had to leave on Sunday morning.  We didn't have much time together, but it was quality time... a Spanish lesson or two was knackering.  It was lovely to think about all those times in the past that are responsible for the novel I am now writing, and I am looking forward to her being able to come over and see me again, determined as I am, to live that long.

The house here has been chaotic, I hardly know what I have done to deserve all this attention.  Ha ha!  (I keep trying to remind myself that people would visit anyway even if it were an ordinary dose of flu - yeah right!)  And not just because it's the big C.

(Can you believe this?  Hubby and I are actually arguing over blog now which I think is a fabulous sign of health!)

I'm sure Julia Darling didn't have this problem.

Please forgive me, but I've lost a whole load of days on the blog again due to loads of scrumptious visitors.

Saturday - Desi here all day.  Did some Reiki.  My supervisor came from college with her husband, it was lovely (thank you for the poppy cake).  We talked about lots of secret writerly stuff - but all a bit Top Secrety still so can't talk about yet.

Sunday - Walked to end of garden again, still eating, still throwing it back up.  Couple of unexpected visitors and got quite knackered at one point.

Monday - Spending today with Hubby.  We did our wedding albums which I think is quite good going after only nearly ten years of marriage!  But in typical fashion when hubby got everything out, he discovered that I'd already done it.  Oops!  I never realised just how organised I was/am.

The main problem I'm having at the moment is trying to see straight because something insists on making my vision blurry! This makes me quite tired but anyway...somebody sent me 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull' by Richard Bach. Isn't the Universe a funny place! People have been telling me to read this book for the last year and now that my eyes are blurry, the bloody thing arrives through the post, but I've read to page 24 and decided it could be  a book about becoming a writer. Why on earth didn't I give more validity to my writing all the way through? Why has it taken this to make me see that our, i.e. women's life writing, does matter?!  I think the French are calling it 'autofiction' (?) but it's basically about using your life in your fiction, which is what I've always done. Hoorah! Does this mean I've been ahead of my time LOL, or does it just mean I've got no imagination. In my defence it could just be about the way of saying things and seeing as I adore words, surely they should matter too. Read the seagull book and take up flying! I dare you to find the time.

A little word about procrastination, it really isn't a good thing! Even if it's only being used to gather your thoughts, imagine how many books I'd have written now if only I'd actually done some work and let it fly rather than immediately believing it to be crap and binning it. It's only now, when time is so pressing, that I realise it's all about,

a. words

b. people

c. communication

and a healthy dollop of terror. After all what else is there?

I, personally, am looking forward to a healthy dollop of terror on the slopes in April, regardless of what the medics might be thinking.... I need to concentrate on rebuilding muscle again, and I'm using my time in the evening to visualise this tumour in the frontal lobe, (named Billy by my little one), buggering off!


Caroline said...

My mother once missed a flight by an entire 24 hours! Glad Desi got to you OK :o)

ChrisH said...

Ooh, come on, what's the Top Secrety writing bit? Also very timely advice about not procratinating... I am still dithering over which novel idea to take forwards - thanks for the nudge.
I do hope that the blurred vision settles down - it really does seem unfair that you get hit with that as well.

Debs said...

How lovely that your friend was able to visit, even though she got there a day later than expected.

I can't tell you the times my mother has missed flights. Once, I went to collect her from the flight (in Jersey). She'd been travelling from South Africa, and it turned out she was in Belgium! Now I do almost anything to get out of being the one to go and collect her.

Denise said...

Top secret writerly stuff sounds exciting! I have the opposite problem with flights. I'm terrified of missing them, out of all proportion to the end result of just not getting where I'm going. My brain reckons I'm going to be in BIG trouble if I'm late, but who from exactly???
I like your little one naming it Bill. Bad Bill Bugger off!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Yep, that whole 'manana' thing doesn't work on airlines. Blurry vision sounds like a right nuisance, but scrumptious visitors sound great. Lisa, you're doing so well, I would give you a medal if I could but you'll have to make do with me telling you that I'm really impressed.

Lane said...

Yes, 'women's life writing' IS important. You are way before your time:-)

Bums to blurry vision. Bigger ones to Billy.

JJ said...

I get utterly neurotic about missing flights, so I have a terrible reputation for exaggerating how early we have to leave to check in.

We should launch the BoB. Bugger off Bob campaign.

Chin up, lovely, you're an inspiration.

HelenMHunt said...

Glad your friend made it in the end. It sounds like she did you good x

hesitant scribe said...

Hi guys,

Definitely going to make the flight for Chainaillon!

Lisa xxx

sexy said...