Thursday, 13 November 2008

And time marches on...

My eldest just turned 16 the other day.  I can hardly believe where the years have gone!  One minute she's this tiny babe in arms, and the next she's a grown woman (well looks like one at any rate!), all mature (most of the time), and sensible (ditto!).  The little one turns 9 in a few days too - just another reminder of time is marching on.  But it's great too, to see them growing up healthy and strong, and nice little people too.  Just makes me feel old!  It's when you realise that there are grown ups in this world who were born in the 1980s - eek!

Yesterday I went on a hack.  It was a small group, just me, two OAPs, and the riding school instructor.  The weather was perfect - crisp and clear blue skies, sun shining, no wind at all.  We had all the usual excitement as we made our way along the road up towards the beach; a bus driver who whizzed passed and then stopped dead, freaking the horses out.  The little guy I was riding (Thomas) decided the side-walk looked like the safest option and skipped up the kerb before I could stop him.  Luckily there were no pedestrians.  A car flew past doing about 40 mph and I only just managed to contain my middle finger.  Bastards!  I wish drivers would have some common sense around horses!

Once in the nature reserve though, it was all smiles from dog walkers and waves from small children!  Thomas, the pony I was riding, turned out to be quite forward going, and broke into a canter as we crossed the sand dunes (I think he needed to, just to keep up with the others as he's only got little legs!).  I'm a bit wary of going down hill at anything other than a slow careful walk, but Thomas insisted on showing me that it was perfectly safe to canter, let alone trot, down quite steep inclines!

The beach was perfect - tide just going out, leaving us a lovely wide strip of firm wet sand to canter along, and just before turning back to head for home, we had a little paddle in the sea.  Thomas went into the water fine, but then got freaked out by the white foam at the water's edge and it took a while to get him to brave his way back onto dry land!  Eventually he did a hop, skip and a jump to join the others, and then we all turned and galloped down the beach at full speed.  I'd forgotten just how knackering it is though, and was so out of breath, that by half way I had to sit down, which meant we were last in our impromptu race.  It took me ages to get my breath back, and I was soaked through with sweat (side effect of the tumours).  But it was fantastically good exercise!  To end a perfect ride out, the gentleman who was with us, told me he was celebrating 10 years clear of cancer!  I thanked him for inspiring me!

I've had pain again, in the evenings, and it's been getting me down a bit.  I need a good old boot up the backside to get this writing done!  Luckily, I'm to re-enrol on the PhD in January, so at last have a deadline to work towards!  The Novel Racers asked me if I had any plans for 2009, and I didn't know where to begin beyond, stay alive and finish my novel!


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Those sound like perfectly good plans to me. Glad you had such a good ride. And some of us drivers are sensible around horses, y'know - I always slow right down and, if possible, coast past rather than use the engine. And I nearly always get a nice wave and a smile from the rider (apart from the occasional snooty-pants who wouldn't lower herself to acknowledge someone who wasn't wearing jodhpurs).

ChrisH said...

Lovely comments about your daughters... mine are 23 and 24 and, like you, I'm so thrilled by them and proud of them. Sorry, you probably don't ned loads of cancer stories but thought you might be encouraged to hear that my husband had cancer when his youngest was a baby and that 'baby' is 22 now. Best wishes.

JJ said...

Lisa, that ride sounds so gorgeous.

Yes, my son towers above me (at 14) and tonight he told me he'd look out for me when I'm wrinkly and shrunken. Lovely.

They sound like great plans.

liz fenwick said...

It's a funny turning point when your child hits 16 - my eldest did in Ocotber and he was puzzled why I was so weird about it - he's a man/boy. Looks like a man on the outside but inside still a kid. My youngest is nine too but I squeezed one in the middle 13 eek soon to be 14 with size 12 feet!

The ride sounds glorious.

Now start some writing - other than your blog of course :-)

Debs said...

My daughter will be 14 tomorrow and I can't believe she's so old (or so tall). My son is learning to drive, rather frightening prospect, and it is so strange being driven by him.

Your ride sounds wonderful. There's nothing quite like cantering across a beach.

Anonymous said...

Excellent plans for 2009. More riding too?

clairesgarden said...

whoooohoooo!!!!! blow away the cobwebs!! Thomas sounds a fun wee guy!