Friday, 10 October 2008

quick post today

A quickie post today, I'm afraid, as kids nearly home from school.

It's been a great couple of days. Even the lung nurse phoning me to tell me my pancreas 'might' be enlarged, hasn't quelled my zest for life! I thanked her, hung up the phone and went riding with a big old smile on my face. This positive thinking stuff really makes a difference, eh!

Yesterday, I took K to school for the first time in a year (last Oct when I came of sick). She was so happy that I'm going to take her every other day next week, and then as often as I can. I also had a cracking ride on Henry - getting those transitions much more smooth again, and getting over losing my nerve - he tanked off again, and I had no panic at all! Am slowly but surely getting back to where I was before - next things to do are a) hack on the beach b) jumping again and c) getting to the stables more and hanging around to help out a bit - yes okay - I won't overdo it!!! Yesterday I stayed on to watch one of the staff lunging her horse - learned loads! After I went for Bowen and got home at 4ish, absolutely wiped out! Ended up sleeping for most of the evening.

But today feel great again. Have had healthy porridge, fruit, and watched a dvd by Louise Hay - she wrote You Can Heal Your Life which I bought years ago and still have on the shelf. My dad got me the dvd and it was like OMG why didn't I take notice of this when I first bought it. But you know, sometimes we just aren't ready for the information. I am obviously one of those people who need a sharp kick between the eyes before making real and lasting changes!

So now I fill my mind with good, positive thoughts. I tell myself I am healthy and strong constantly throughout the day, and whether or not it is coincidence doesn't matter - I feel stronger in the last 2 weeks than I have since the whole thing started last year. I feel more joyous. I appreciate life much much more, and I appreciate my body. I could wish I'd done all this years ago, but no point kicking myself either. The situation is obviously one the universe thinks I needed. Now I need good health, courage and strength!

And I'm still working on the novel too! Gosh. Success all round.

(Although I didn't go swimming today - oops. But I still haven't had any meat, sugar, eggs, or processed food in a fortnight! Or a brew!)

Herbal tea grows on you! Honest.

And I'm on to my 2nd lot of germinating seeds/sprouts - growing them that is. Now all I have to do is eat them all up!!!


Debs said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time.

Louise L Hay is great, I remember reading, Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway, years ago when I was rather down after a lengthy divorce and it really helped me tremendously.

Tam said...

I'd love to start riding again but fear I don't have time at the moment. You've inspired me to start going again soon.

Good news that you're feeling so positive and well. You're right about the herbal tea, too, although I nearly choked on a liquorice one the other day. It was surprisingly foul!!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I agree about the herbal tea - I was so upset when I started reacting badly to caffeine at the age of 16, but now I can't function without my peppermint and camomile. (I agree about the liquorice, though, Tam - yuck!) So glad things are going well with you.

liz fenwick said...

Positive thinking is working - clearly. Great to hear you are working on the novel too!

Lane said...

You're writing too! Great stuff. You sound so positive. Am also impressed at the sprout growing.

Love herbal teas. Every time I think I've tried them all, they bring out another combination:-)

Mistlethrush said...

Glad you're doing so well. Look forward to reading the novel.

hesitant scribe said...

Hi All,

It's great that I'm writing again - I agree - though I need to apply myself a little more if I'm ever to finish the thing. Trouble is, I now have more projects creeping into my mind also, so perhaps the time has come to just bash the word out and review em later! The novel is, in my head at least, written in full - just needs the putting down on paper part.

As for Louise Hay, she is wonderful, and if you see her, at 80 odd yrs of age, the proof is in the pudding! She glows with health and radiates peace and friendship. Inspirational!

Cathy said...

I enjoyed reading your positive posts. I wish you well. I have been using the alopathic/naturopathic method for four years to rid my body of rheumatoid arthritis. I discovered Louise Hay and her writings about 8-9 months ago and feel so inspired by her. When things feel low, I like having her daily affirmations to remind me that things will turn out. Happy eating! I am on a gluten/dairy free diet with limited sugar and no processed foods. It is difficult at times but it pays off.