Saturday, 20 December 2008

...still a tad crappy!

Golly! 2 posts in 2 days - you'll be sending me a medal for this!!!  I'm still feeling crappy though, with nausea, and pain, though the oxynorm (new extra strength, no less) does work eventually - looking at the symptoms I've got - this looks very much like pancreatitis but I don't know what they can do about it.  The tumour they found was 3.5cm (and even though I believe the Tarceva has started to shrink it), and my pancreas is not impressed with this at all!  And I'm shrinking away too.  I have to check every single label on food before I can eat anything - due to the fat content... especially the saturates - so if anyone out there wants to lose weight, just try cutting down on your fat intake!!!  I've gone down to 8st 7lbs... a steady descent from the 11st 5oz I had gone up to during chemotherapy last winter!  And it isn't difficult when you know it's going to really hurt if you have too much, like REALLY!!!

This morning woke up to the little one shouting me - she has caught one of these horrid tummy bugs, and of course it would be when hubby is away so luckily my mummy has been here all day taking care of both of us - and little one is recovering fast now that she's had some (more) antibiotics, and has been out for a walk to get some fresh air with nanna :)

It's 3.30 and the abdominal pain is just beginning to kick in again, so I'll leave this post here...

Thank yous go to S for the lovely Bath Spa thingy she brought me, and my eldest child who has been an absolute Godsend this past week or so.

We haven't sent any Christmas Cards this year - as hubby is giving the money we would have spent on them to the Hospice where I am treated soooo well (and they aren't funded either, which is a disgrace).  Am working on an 'e-card' to send but goodness only knows when I'll get that finished!

Hope you're all happy and organised for Chrimbo - and looking forward to the festivities - I for one can't wait!


Debs said...

Sorry to hear your little one isn't too well, and that you've had pain again. x

ChrisH said...

Hope the pain has eased and little one is on the mend. What a tough time you've had.

JJ said...

Lisa, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. Love JJx

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I find it unbelievable that hospices aren't funded centrally when they do such amazing work. I do hope the medics can do something about your pancreatic troubles. And yes, you definitely deserve a medal. I hope you have a great time over Christmas.

hesitant scribe said...

debs - thanks
chrish - it's been rough but am really looking forward to Christmas
jj -thank you, and the same for you and yours too!
zinnia - I agree 100% - and they are absolutely fantastic in every way at my local Hospice!