Saturday, 26 May 2007

First Rose and Garden Life

I got the camera out yesterday - inspired by JJ and her wonderful textures but found it far more difficult to get a decent shot despite the marvels of modern digital technology. I switched it to manual (virgin territory) and it gave me billions of options (argh!). Ended up with loads of duds and a few okayish flower shots... still working on the textures though!

Hurrah! I grew a rose! Usually they eaten by green fly while still in bud, but a tip from my mother, to spray them with water and washing up liquid (Ecover environmentally friendly stuff of course), has worked a treat! Not a bad shot either, even if I do say so myself!

Cute - like little bearded people. Love the colours in this one.

Pink things. Lilly leaves eaten by snails if you look.

Thumper and Ginger enjoy a bit of a la carte lawn. Not content with still life = had a go at the pets. Thumper is a touch camera shy!

The two boys, Misty and Ginger

Righto. Off to write some more so that I can add to my static wordcounter later today!

1 comment:

JJ said...

Thanks Lisa, I'm glad you liked them.

I love the top flower (it's soooo my colour!) and the second one is gorgeous and would make a fab desktop.

My only success with flowers have been in the flower market here, and in multiples, tens and tens of the same flower or different packs.

Keep going! I don't do anything intelligent: I point and press!