Saturday, 12 May 2007

trampolines, conferences and canter

I have been a tad ill. Missed the conferences I wanted to go to - caught the first one (CTLR) about teaching and learning, which was good - am on the right track when it comes to assessment and feedback at least. Missed the one on e-learning - instead being tied up at home with stomach ache which still hasn't altogether gone away.

Marking furiously - or rather I should be - but the kids are bored and hubby is away climbing mountains, so am going to take today out for entertaining them. The little one has just mastered handstand over into bridge on the trampoline, so am incredibly pleased for her and jealous in equal measures! I am, after all, just the coach, and much less bendy than I used to be! So spent a couple of hours today coaching on the trampoline with little miss 'won't be told'. On Tuesday I had a go on the asymmetric bars and did an upward circle with a bit of help, a flat back off the spring board, a cartwheel, and a fair attempt at the splits for a 37 year old!

Trampoline has been fun. No garden left but hey - who cares - we have 13ft of pure pleasure! Bouncing is much more fun than sunbathing, and when totally knackered, it's quite good to sunbathe on too! Am making a determined effort to get fit. Ha ha.

Riding going well too. I had a different teacher who talked me through my canter transition issues. Turns out no had thought to teach me the correct leg aids before so no bloody wonder I was struggling! Once I knew where to put the old legs we were away!

Writing - ah... well. Hmm. What can I say? It is coming along in dribs and drabs and really am at the point where I need a trip to Spain so am working on combining a research trip with a riding trip to Andalucia. Plan is to hack out/school all day, and then go out and gather research in the evenings. Then to write it all up.

Reading Horse & Hound and wanting a horse sooo much. Wonder if anyone local has a horse they need a hand with, from an inexperienced but willing hand?!

Hope everyone is well and writing a damn site more than me!

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