Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Hourly Paid - Okay - Not giving up just yet!

Colleagues have been very supportive since my last post - telling me to hang on in there. Also, looking around at other jobs and having a reality check. For example, I could work in a meat packing plant, or on some other conveyor belt for minimum wage and then I really would have something to complain about.

I love teaching. No really, I do. I just want some job security more than anything but realistically, there's no job security in anything these days. My hourly rate is very good (okay - just forget the extra time spent - it's par for the course I guess), and my summers are free (well August at least) to spend with my kids...

My supervisor caught up with me today too. I apologised for (accidentally on purpose) missing the deadline for abstracts for the conference in July but she said, no problem, there's loads of time! So am going to do the conference paper after all despite the stage fright etc. Bugger. Bugger. Damn.

So, off to complete the marking (which is a joy when I get a good essay, or even one that's an improvement on a student's previous work). My mind is itching to get stuck into the novel but the marking has to be done first. Let it itch. Let it stew. By the time the marking's done I'll be raring to go.

On a lighter, note - I'd just like to share with you one of the sights I see on my way to work. Even in the rain I love it - miles of fields and farmland, and of course those gorgeous (semi) wild coloured horses. Makes everything worth while!


JJ said...

Hi Lisa
I can't work out why 'comments' has disappeared from the bottom of your photos (post above this one) but I wanted to say how gorgeous the pictures are - the scenery and lovely Ghengis. However, mmmm, as for what those skiers are doing? Eeeugh, no thanks!

hesitant scribe said...

jj - sorted it out now! There was a tick box I didn't see. Is this a new thing I wonder?!

Yes... isn't Ghengis just the sweetest thing!