Monday, 13 August 2007


... for the appalling lack of posts at the moment, not to mention the word counter that appears to be frozen in time. Call this a writing blog? I hear you cry, and again, I heartily apologise.

But it is summer don't you know, and there are children who want to do things/go places/see people. I am exhausted from sliding down water filled pipes, running up and down sand dunes, and today was particularly good - getting lost and walking for 5 miles across scrub land with 3 kids - 2 of which weren't even mine! But it's all good fun, eh!

This week is fun filled and packed with adventure. Tomorrow is more swimming, and Wednesday is visiting, and Thursday is hacking out on horseback, and Friday is thinking of something to do with the sproglets again again again. Hmm.

So the writing is thin on the ground, and to be honest I think I needed the break because the words just weren't there for a while. And I was a bit worried, but then now I have stopped worrying they're coming back again. *sighs with relief*

And the best bit is that I get to go to Spain for a research trip and I am soooo excited, and so nervous, and I feel so guilty because I'm going all by my ownsome...

And I only have to write the whole novel (first draft) for October. Hmm. That's what I'll be doing on the beach in September then, eh!

P.S. In a fit of madness have been to hair dresser and gone EVEN blonder. Argh!!!!


JJ said...


Don't stress about not being around. It's a bit quiet here I guess cos of the holiday.

My two are off at sports camp this week and go back to school on Monday!

Very glad to hear the words are coming back. They usually do with a break!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

No need to apologise. It's easy to forget, but blogging is optional. Glad the writing's flowing again.

hesitant scribe said...

JJ - Good lord, back to school already! We're waiting till the beginning of September here by which time I will be both penniless and hairless!

Zinnia - Oh I know, it's just if people are popping by I do feel I should at least say something! And it is nice to keep in touch with this small world we have going here!

Hope you are both having a lovely summer!

liz fenwick said...

You'll probably full of words and refreshed after a serious break. Enjoy and don't feel guilty :-)

hesitant scribe said...

Oh God Liz - I do hope so!!!

Jon M said...


Hey we've got weeks to go before it's back to school! :-)

hesitant scribe said...

And don't I know it - but hey - I'm gonna throw myself into living now.