Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Forty lengths - new record!

I swam 40 lengths today.

My previous record was 16. That's 6 without stopping, and then little breaks up to 16. But today I was on a roll.

I swam 20 without stopping, and then had a 2 minute rest, and then swam another 10! Then I had a 15 minute pit stop in the Jacuzzi, and then did another 10 - totalling 40!

How brilliant am I?!

Fat maybe - but also much fitter than I had previously thought. All that riding you see... it's working!

Also this week, have phoned Spain to arrange rental on an apartment. Which was interesting given that I haven't had anyone to speak Spanish to in er... years. I did quite well only floundered at the bank details bit, although in my defense, I can't follow all of that stuff in English either. I await an email with eager anticipation... It also gave me a bit of practice so that when I called my friend, he didn't have to use his English at all, and neither did I. Hurrah.


Still grieving at the loss, er, the not winning, of the funding. Don't think I've forgotten about it just yet! :-(


Jon M said...

Hmmm, let me see...has given up fags, has increased aerobic capacity...isn't it brill. You'll tell me you're back on 'em now! :-)

I wish I could speak a language other than pidgen english!

Chilli said...

40 lenghts...brillian, well done...and all my fault eh?!

hesitant scribe said...

jon - nope, am still off the fags! *smug smiles but with an awareness that am a reformed drug addict and could end up back on them if not very careful!!! As for other language - am feeling much better as I phoned back and managed to sort out the bank details! Marvellous - Si puedo hablar Español!

chilli - yes - totally all your fault! always is mate!!!! *thank you sweetie* P.s. send hubbie home when you bored with him LOL ;-)

Chilli said...

I've finished with him now...he's on his way!!!! ;-)

Fionamac said...

Forty lenghts? I get palpatations after two. Well done you.
You won't go back on the fags and even if you have one, it'll let you down by tasting disgusting.
I gave up twenty years ago and have one ciggie a year, on my sister's birthday. Don't know why.
Not for one second have I regretted giving the week up. You've done really well.

Fionamac said...

Weed! Not week.
Now if I gave the booze up maybe the typing would improve.

Rebecca said...

40 lengths...is that a 25m or 50m pool. 1km or two??

I've actually started swimming laps too (I used to do them when I was pregnant) because I've put on kilos and kilos from writing (well- blogging actually) I try and swim a kilometre each time.

Pity it can be so boring.....but I always feel great afterwards.

hesitant scribe said...

Rebecca - just the 25m, so 1km. Apparentlt 64 is a mile but I can't make that. It is boring though - you're right. This morning I got all the way around the block running (half a mile) so out of breath, eating a peach, and feeling chuffed! Now when does the weight start to shift lol?