Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Just a little distraction...

The new first page
... is all I needed so have;

1. Printed out all those fragments, some as long as 3,000 words, and counted up a total word count. It's bigger than I'd imagined!
2. Started at the beginning with a new page 1 for a totally new approach. You can ignore the first page I put up what feels like years ago in that first page challenge as it no longer applies.

Am very excited and working hard!

And it takes my mind of the impending surgery thing. *Quaking in boots* :)


Jon M said...

Good for you!!! And thanks for sharing Los Aslandticos with us, I couldn't get it going the other day but just listened to it- very uplifting! :-)

JJ said...

Well done you. Your words are climbing fast. Keep at it.


Lane said...

ooh just read your shiny page and it's grreeat! You keep going Mrs:-)

hesitant scribe said...

Jon - I'm glad you liked Los Aslandticos! Que bien!

JJ - yes, they don't half move along when you discover loads of writing all but forgotten about! And before I get too excited it is all draft material, but nevertheless, is LOADS of draft material to work with :)

Lane - Oh! You read it! And you liked it?! Fantastic!