Thursday, 4 October 2007

Running on empty - already!

It's all go! Back at work this week, and it's only Thursday and I'm already running on empty.


So far, so good - nice students, nice rooms to teach in, and with my new found "I refuse to get stressed about anything" attitude, everyone at home is happy too!

Bet you're wondering what happened to the health kick... well... erm... apart from swimming and riding in Spain, I've done bugger all I'm afraid. This costachondritis thing has put a stop to it all. Thwarted at the outset! And on a diet of Ibuprofen and anti-nausea tablets. Lovely.

And now I'm teaching again, I'll be lucky to have a riding lesson! I have this awful feeling I'm going to be reduced to the academic equivalent of a couch potato once more, with squared pc eyes and a bottom molded to the shape of my office chair. Is that molded or moulded? Hmmm.

Right then. Off I go to sort out tomorrow's lesson. It's half six and all I've eaten is a nectarine. At least it'll be good for that stone I wanted to lose!


Lane said...

Only a nectarine?!! You'll waste away girl. Get some hot food down you.

Moulded? Molded?
As long as it's not mouldy:-)

Jon M said...

But you're still not smoking right? Cos that's the healthiest and most life changing thing you can do and you have to keep patting yourself on the back for that!