Sunday, 14 October 2007

Lurkers... You know who you are!

I thought I'd just say a special hello to all the lurkers out there...

You know you've got lurkers when people stop you in the corridor and ask you why you haven't posted anything on your blog for ages. People who you never thought read your blog in a million years!

Not that I'm complaining! I love my lurkers! At least it means someone reads all these internal ramblings made public! I think the name needs reviewing because all the images of 'lurkers' are er... a bit scary. And the lurkers who've approached me have been very lovely people, thank you very much (and big sighs of relief!). So maybe 'silent readers' might be nicer?

And I too, have been guilty of lurking... er, silent reading. I lurked for years at Topsyturvydom, reading without saying anything. I didn't know what to say, to be honest. It seems so permanent to type into a text box - to hit POST. What if it doesn't come across in the right way? What if I sound stupid? So I lurked, until eventually I summoned up the courage to post. And not worry how daft/inappropriate/surreal my comments might be.

It was very liberating!

I recommend it!

So here is a challenge to all those who may lurk. Please post a comment. Even if it is only an anonymous 'hello'.

No really, please do, otherwise everyone will think I've been hallucinating again, and that there aren't actually any silent readers, and er... it's all in my little head!

I shall be waiting for the comments to roll in....


This is fun! Ali G interviews the linguist Noam Chomsky. Enjoy!


Sabine said...

Now this is really, I mean really! funny: As I clicked on your feed in boglines, I was actually thinking that I'd been lurking silently for a long time since I commented... After that thought, reading your post was surreal!! It tickled me right into commenting. :D

I have a lot of lurkers too... It's just how the majority of blog readers are made, I suppose. As for myself, most of the time I rush from one blog to the other and simply don't take the time to comment. But reasons you mentio, come into play too: sometimes I've already pulled up the comment box, just to chicken out the next moment as I contemplate what the blogger might think about my comment... silly, I know.

Wow, now I've paid my dues for the next fifty posts or so LOL!!

Best wishes for a happy Sunday afternoon from your blog lurker in Gozo! :)

hesitant scribe said...

Sabine - thank you sooo much for that! You've made my day!

Sabine said...

you're very welcome. :) And thanks for commenting back - I can't access my site right now (grrrr!), that's why I can't approve your comment.... hate it when that happens!

So... where might all the other lurkers be??

Leigh said...'s one.

Have visited before, although not for a while.
Get lurkers on my blog too, so am shamed into showing my face.

Congrats on your novel breakthrough!
Am watching word counter as instructed.
Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...


Pacha said...

Hello! I have commented before but am 'silent reader' too. I so agree we have to change the name 'lurker'. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong/naughty. It also sounds pervy. I support the idea of changing it to 'silent reader' (sounds so much more dignified!)...

hesitant scribe said...

Sabine - yes, it's annoying isn't it!

Hello to Leigh and Anon - lovely to 'see' you!

Pacha - silent reader is better isn't it! Yes, I agree! And I know you mean because I don't always have time (hardly ever these days!) to post a comment either!

Lane said...

Me? Silent? Perish the thought!

It is weird though. I look at my stats counter (it's evil I tell you) and wonder who are all these people? If 98 people have visited in a day and only x amount leave a comment, I can only assume that the rest all think the posts are absolute tat:(
Paranoid? Moi?


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Used to be a commenter, seem to have become a lurker, but do check in regularly. So glad about the novel inspiration, that's great news.

Lane, I think there are lots of reasons why people don't comment, not just 'that post is tat', there's 'I can't think of anything sensible/clever to say', 'I'm in a hurry, I'll come back and comment later' (then later never comes), 'this comments box is too scary/intimidating for me to join in', 'someone has already made the comment I wanted to make so there's no point', and so on.

JJ said...

Hello m'old mucker. I'm not a lurker as you know, but I've come to say hello...


hesitant scribe said...

Hello JJ!

I was thinking it's probably a good job that most people 'lurk' or read silently... otherwise we'd get 100s of comments that just say, "hello"

Hmm. I might start doing that myself ;-)

Kym said...

Shamed into saying a public hello. Entangled with my thesis,lurking is my only light relief.


Anonymous said...

OMG - poor Noam Chomsky, being subjected to that. I was cringeing for him. He must have been thinking "of all the 1001 things I've got to do today, and here I am wasting time with this (insert word of choice)".
Hi - great news, re. the inspiration for the novel - good luck getting down on paper/screen!!

Colin Will said...

The Chomsky interview is very funny. I think one Ali G in six months or so is all I can take before rolling into a ball with embarrassment.
I'm: from Scotland, stuck on a novel but happy that my poetry gets published.

hesitant scribe said...

Kym - well hello! It's lovely to 'hear' from you in blogland!

anon - good inni'!!! ;-) Thanks for the support with the novel - much appreciated.

colin - oh - good luck with your novel too!