Wednesday, 4 June 2008

update - rt over!!!

It's been ages since I blogged. I knew it was ages but didn't realise just how much time I'd lost!

Today's post is a real effort, though I am better than I have been - vomiting every day for the past 6 weeks has really taken its toll on me, I can tell you. Add to that hot and cold sweats, a touch of depression, and you have a recipe for existing between sofa and hospital. I can honestly say this has been then worst month so far. When oh when does it start to get better?

At least I have a little project to take my mind of things... I am in the middle of translating the blurb for a friend's debut album (from Spanish to English). It's fairly straightforward (thank god for the year at music college and the music dictionary!!!) so am doing little chunks at a time, in between playing with the kitten* - and all whilst prostrate on the sofa to alleviate this persistent nausea. I've only got till Saturday so better crack on I guess!

So. RT is finally over. I thought, up until session 10, that the only trouble I was going to have was travelling and nausea, but no. After 20 sessions I have a lovely burnt patch on my chest and back, and a really burnt oesophagus... so that weight I wanted to lose? No problem! I'm bloody starving and can only get half a weetabix down before the pain is so bad I have to stop. Brilliant!

The pain in my left hand is worse too, because apparently RT causes swelling. Hence no scan for two months till it all settles down again. Fingers crossed I am finally on the mend because I'm not sure how much more of this I can endure without totally cracking up.

Any way - not wanting to moan too much, I look forward to the post that says I've been riding again, or even just left the house!

*Bramble is settled in completely. He sleeps on the sofa with me when he isn't running around like a mad thing, has used the litter tray unfailingly, and seems to love people. He was definitely one of my better ideas!


JJ said...

Do you know I could hardly bear to come and look at those delicious kitten pics again, but here I am. I am so pleased you've blogged again. I'm sorry you feel rubbish, but it's fab that the radiotherapy has come to an end.

Chin up honey, Hugs,

Lane said...

Thank god RT is over. Rest my dear. Your body needs it. I hope you feel better soon. You've been through the mill and then some:-(

Glad Bramble is good company.Bless his liddle furry face:-)

Sarah*G* said...

Glad the RT is over. Sorry you have been so sick. Hope it all gets better soon! And as Lane says. Rest. You need it!

DK Leather said...

I'm glad the RT is over, give yourself time to heal.

~doffs cap~
DK x

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Not surprised you've been feeling a bit down, you'd have had to be superhuman to get through that lot without a single attack of the blues. At least you don't have to do those three-hour round trips any more. And I'm glad you've got Bramble - there's nothing like a gorgeous kitten to lift your spirits!

Kym said...

So glad to have you back in cyberspace again Lisa. Rest and recover now from what sounds a truly vile course of treatment. Hope to see you soon. Bramble looks a cutie and should be both distraction and comfort.


Debs said...

Glad the RT is over now and that Bramble has settled in well. So completely and utterly cute.

Do take it easy and get plenty of rest.