Thursday, 22 May 2008

Apologies for being a rather crap blogger this week, but I've been a bit of a crap patient too! The week has been spent throwing up (STILL!!) and feeling uncomfy in my skin (hot flushes followed by cold sweats and repeat until clothing is saturated). I've been tweaking meds and discovered that since swapping anti-nausea tabs, I've been vomiting, so went back to the old domperidone and hey presto - 2 days without throwing up. Add in a bit of paracetamol and no fever - so slowly coming around again. Yesterday was dire - cried mostly - was feeling very sorry for myself. But three weeks without riding, wrapped in a blanket and spending 3 hours a day throwing up in the car just took its toll.

Still. Today is better and only 6 days left of treatment. I went this morning, and have to go again in an hour or so, but then tomorrow is only once, and I get 3 days off with the bank holiday. The 4 more days and finished. AND THEN... back to living again.

The RT is having an effect. The pain is so reduced that I've halved the pain meds, and swallowing is a bugger - so painful. But temporary they assure me, till it heals up in my oesophagus. Cross your fingers folks that the RT shrinks this little bastard once and for all.

On a good and positive note, Bramble is settling in well, as you can see in the piccie above. He is a boy (we found a pic to sex him once and for all), and is clean, thank god. He uses the litter tray, is eating and drinking well, and wakes up for a mad half hour's play time every couple of hours. He is so sweet that even hubby is besotted with the little blighter!

Sleeping. It's what I do best!

Wha'?! What is it?


JJ said...


Oh so glad it's nearly over - it sounds crap. But what a good idea: to get some feline therapy.


A. Writer said...

Bramble is so cute!

Glad it's nearly over. I agree with JJ about the feline therapy. Cats are wonderful little things. Stress busters... comfort blankets... Cats are lovely!

Captain Black said...

Domperidone? Pah!
You want Dom Perignon :o)

Bramble is a compltete Q-T-Π.

Kym said...

have missed your posts Lisa. Cat is gorgeous. Not long to go now with the RT - you are doing really well. Hope to see you soon.

Lane said...

That last pic!!!
Purfect (well someone had to say it).

Enjoy your time off over the weekend. You're nearly there!

Annieye said...

Just a few more days. Your kitten is a cutie. (Gives a little cybercuddle).

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

What a gorgeous little scrap of feline loveliness. Just caught up with your blog - so glad about the pain reduction, that sounds like very good news. Also good that you only have a few days of treatment left. Fingers firmly crossed for a great result.

hesitant scribe said...

Thanks everyone. Have been too ill to blog but as you all say, only 4 days left. God help me and please pray it bloody works!

Bramble settling in purrfectly!!!

clairesgarden said...

love the kitty.
you're being so brave and I'm tears and snotters thinking about what you're going through.
many healing wishes and blessings.

Lily said...
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Mistlethrush said...

Hang on in there Lisa - you'll get there.
I saw Carol F yesterday - she's thinking of you too

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Sorry - that deleted comment was from me, blogging at a friend's computer and not paying attention. It said: 'Do hope you're recovering from all the radiotherapy trauma now. Sending big hugs.'