Saturday, 17 May 2008

Radiotherapy Treatment No'8

I thought you may be curious to see what the whole RT thing involves - so asked one of my Radiotherapists to take a pic for y'all. She kindly obliged and even caught B in the photo too (he said he doesn't mind it on the web - I did ask!).

So the machine revolves around me. The mark me up, as you can see along my body, to line up with the lasers, and then cover me with a piece of tissue to maintain some sort of dignity.

When the machine is doing its thing, they have to leave the room, but the lights are dimmed and I spend that time concentrating on being healed. They usually leave the radio on too, so there's nice music in the background. Very peaceful.

The whole thing is painless, if a tad uncomfortable, but the staff are superb, and get it all done in under 10 minutes now.

So now you know!

Yesterday my brother-in-law took me again, and I was only sick twice. This time I made it to the grid (in the garden) and the loo (at the hospital).

The best thing is that I now have 2 whole days off! Hurrah!

And we're going to collect the kitty this afternoon!

So excited...


Leatherdykeuk said...

kitty love!

Annieye said...

You sound as if you are doing just great, apart from the puking. Hope the kitty is settling in.

Lane said...

That looks so uncomfortable but that's not the important thing is it.
You're almost half way there!

Looking forward to hearing about Bramble - and photos:-)

Mistlethrush said...

Thanks for the photo. A good idea.