Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I was supposed to start radiotherapy today, only I managed to catch a bug.

A bloody bug!

Can you believe it?! I've spent the long bank holiday weekend throwing up into friends' grids, and sinks. I thought it was the meds so carried on as usual, trying to ignore the sudden and frequent flashes of cold sweat followed by massive waves of nausea. And then the little one joined in and we realised it was more than an opiate induced fever.

Hospital were very understanding. Said come tomorrow instead. So I spent the day in the garden. The unkempt, deliciously wild garden. And it was so gorgeous and hot, even with a slight fever.I even found a hanging place
for a wedding present we got all those years ago!

And I wrote!

Not tons, by any means, but I wrote. I mean, like real fiction, man!

It feels good to have some paragraphs down on paper again!



Lane said...

Bah! Just what you need on top of everything. Hope you're feeling better and all the very best for tomorrow.

Glad you had some time outside and got words down too! Wasn't it glorious weather!

Oh and have you thought of a kitty name yet??

JJ said...

Yuk Lisa: that's not fair. I hope you feel better soon.

Writing, eh? Bloody 'ell girl, good on you!


Annieye said...

That's all you need! Hope you soon feel better.