Monday, 5 May 2008

Calling for a name

Any ideas?

I love the name Bramble so far but that has been used by at least two friends so other ideas needed. K suggested Shut Up, as a hint to the neighbours, and hubby, despite ideas such as Kebab, has also fallen for its innate charm and lovability.

Pussy kitten at 4 weeks old.


Went to see the horses yesterday too, mum and baby. Baby is now some 13 hh tall, and still as cute as ever. Anyway, the interesting thing was that I was reading about horses having an innate knowledge of reiki, and was surprised when the mare (as in the mare who loves me and wants to be my mare!) started slurping away at the area where my tumour is. Hubby, less convinced, said it's probably the lavender I have constantly oiled in to the skin via a hotty, but all the same, it was a neat little coincidence!


Have a lovely Bank Holiday!


Caroline said...

Oh such a cute kitten.

Naming is so hard. I'm saying Nutmeg simply because it is random and popped into my head.

Oooooh or Random, that's a good name.


Captain Black said...

How about "Marmite"?

Juliette M said...

Random is a great name for a kitten.

Either that, or 'You'. It's Granny Weatherwax's kitten in Terry Pratchett's novel 'Wintersmith'. As in: "You! Get off that!" or "You! Come down from there!"

Annieye said...

A friend of mine called his cats 'Chicken Pox' and 'Measles' (He's a bit weird!)

The two cats next door get frustrated because our dozy labradors can't be bothered to chase them and give them some sport! Their names are 'Beckham' and 'Marmaduke'.

petal47 said...

Bad Bad Leroy Brown has tagged you! See Petal's blog for the questions - Un-named Kitten is invited to expound! There's no deadline, just thought you may enjoy some therapeutic cat time.