Sunday, 4 May 2008

Hurrah! Blogger has finally let me in! I've been trying to post all week, to no avail, but here I am again!!

I had my Radiotherapy simulation on Thursday. Firstly I strip off to the waste and then a nive lady draws little crosses all over me with a felt-tip pen. Then, I get to lie on a bed with stirrups for my arms, topless, in a kind of porn-star pose, while a big machine moves around me. It's quite alarming at first, but I guess after 20 sessions I'll be more used to it. The hardest part is keeping still so as to burn out only this bits we want to burn out!

I haven't had the treatment itself yet so can't tell you what it feels like, but you know me - as soon as I know...

It's weird this whole tumour lark. Gives the most unexpected problems. Take my eyes for example. Yesterday I spent 2 hours in the opticians being tested because one of my pupils is now larger than the other. The wiring of the body is such, that the tumour pressing on the brachial plexus, is also affecting my optic nerve.
Great stuff. One wonders what else can go wrong - or rather maybe one shouldn't wonder at all?!

I also called into uni on Friday. It was lovely to see everyone, if a little odd - I've been off sick since October after all. I saw Debbie from the SCR and promptly burst into tears without any idea as to why. Weird.

Am also feeling quite crap today - although a bbq later on, and going to see little kitty will certainly cheer me up...

Wondering when I'm going to get cracking with the novel again. Gotta be done, methinks.

Yes. A novel race. So many of the racers have finished already, but I'm not out just yet.

Watch this space...


Fiona said...

You're back! We've missed you.

So you're getting into porn star mode?

Only you could describe all this so brilliantly and be so funny!

hesitant scribe said...

fiona - thank you - I've missed you all too. Not so much been away as just slumped in the corner and so going unnoticed!!

I was going to ask them to take a pic of me for the blog (tasteful of course!) but they don't have much of sense of humour (in front of patients?!).gmedjunh