Wednesday, 30 April 2008

a quickie... post office idiots and lovely horsies

Just a quickie today, as am a tad knaclered. See how tired I am - can't even write the word knackered out!

Been an interesting day. I went to the post office, with admittedly, a lot of parcels (well only 5), and the woman started getting right stroppy. I thought, this is the post office isn't it? It is the job of the post office to post things, is it not?!

So she hands me the Recorded Delivery label and demands I fill it out. Well, I am 2 years into my PhD, but without a bit of help, and without the distraction of pain shooting down my left arm, I was struggling to write the entire name and address out in the allotted time (of 2 nano seconds!). "Give it here,2" she complained, adding, "We'll be here all day if you write all that out!" I was shocked, and decided to pull the cancer card out.

"I'm sorry," I smiled, "but I have a tumour in my lung and it's making it hard for me to do this - I'm in a lot of pain (I wasn't lying either - I was in pain.). She said, "Oh, I'm sorry," and then looked at me through the glass...

"Smoker, are you?!"

I said, "You don't ask breast cancer victims that, do you? Actually, no I don't smoke!"

"Oh," she said, adding helpfully, "It's just my mother died of lung cancer and she smoked."

She reminded me of the unhelpful traffic warden who demanded to see my disabled badge for the car as I parked up (engine still running kind of thing), saying I was too slow. I told him I would display it as soon as I had parked the car, and he yelled through the window, "It's not too much to ask love is it, for free parking?!"


Later on was much happier. I had my 2nd lesson on Hugo, my 'advanced' horsie. My instructor was wonderful as ever, keeping a close eye on me as I struggled to keep my energy levels up. I could only manage flat work, and Hugo only bucked me once, so I wasn't too poor a rider. Eventually I said I had to stop, but had made 27 mins so was very pleased! I staggered back to the car with a massive grin on my face, as ever, and the words of my instructor ringing in my ears - "You did so well, Lisa. I'm so impressed with you!"



Calistro said...

God, aren't people crap. Not all people obviously but... grrrr.

Glad the horse riding made your day better :o)

DK Leather said...


Well done on the riding, miss it myself :-)

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, people are awful! But it would be ever so dull if people were nice to you all the time, wouldn't it?

Caroline said...

I apologise for my language ... but what a shitty woman. Blaaaaah. I will go and kick her arse for you, if you want?


maresy said...

people can be so insensitive at times, but they are just here to remind you how wonderful the majority are!! us "posties" ! How wonderful that you had a go on Hugo, I bet he was grinning too!! Way to go!!

JJ said...

Oh I can't type my reaction: stupid, bloody brainless f'wit will have to do.

Hugo sounds GORGeous and I'm glad he brightened your day.

Annieye said...

How rude!

Animals are so much nicer than some people, aren't they.

Is it my imagination or are post office clerks now morphing into doctors' receptionists? I went into the post office in Kettering the other day and the clerk was a seriously scary woman. All I asked was if it was still OK to put the old 'large 1st' stamps on mail now that the rates had gone up. You'd have thought I'd asked her if the moon was made of blue cheese!

Annieye said...

Errr .. meant to say it the other way round - doctors' receptionists morphing into post office clerks.

clairesgarden said...

time with the horses always makes life seem better.
do you get to spend any time with them away from the actuall riding? I had a lovely time with Robbie a couple of weeks ago just sitting in his stable talking about life the universe and everything. he's a very good listener.
in fact you could get nice and horsey/dirty/smelly and then go back to the post office and see how they like that.