Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Phew! And breathe...

What a mad crazy busy week it's been - well not even a week - just since Thursday!

Firstly, I had my friend and her 11 year old daughter over, from Spain. It was a fab few days of running around like a lunatic, visiting places and shopping, chatting and catching up on old times, with a few medical appointments (of course!) thrown in for good measure! But I'm afraid the late nights caught up with me, and today I am alone for the first time since Wednesday, and I am exhausted!

But Saturday... Saturday was fantastic! I dragged the kids, and my visitors to Manchester on the train, and left them to wander around while I went to a very important meeting with...

The Novel Racers!

There were 15 of us in all (I think!). I arrived late (you just can't rush the Spanish!) and everyone was almost done eating by the time I'd even ordered, but it didn't matter. My eldest daughter had reprimanded me more than once about meeting people from the internet in RL, but even I was surprised at what a lovely bunch of people the novel racers are! I missed the introductions (were there introductions?!) so it was a struggle to work out who everyone was, but that hardly mattered!

It was lovely to see JJ again (she sends me presents all the way from Bangkok don't you know!), and Caroline, and to finally meet Zinnia who has been such a support these last few months with her wonderful comments and emails. And everyone else - I didn't get a chance to speak to everyone, but I did manage to hand out one of my sexy new business cards at one point! No idea what I got them for, but hey, they're stationery, and I love stationery!

A lovely bunch - here we all are!

It was so lovely to talk about writing, to discover I am not alone in feeling like a fraud, to hear all about A.Writer's 'wanker' story, to see JJ's new hair (I love it!)... oh just sooo much!

That meeting should keep me going for a loooong time!

But er... when's the next one?!!!


Sadly, Desi has now gone home. To 24 degree heat and a bluer than blue sky. Am I jealous? Well maybe a teensy bit! I'm already missing speaking Spanish! ¡Que lastima!

A fascination with phone-boxes! (There are 8 like this one!)


1. Looking for pics I found some videos that Desi took of me and the kids on the trampoline. I sound sooo weird talking in Spanish! No idea why I'm telling you this but I am!

2. Health wise, I'm doing okay. My left hand is hurting quite a bit though (making typing a bit of a bind), and I keep getting waves of nausea and sweating (loverly!) if I overdo it too much - which meant the train journey home from Manchester was hell on legs!

3. Feeling really sicky again so I'm off to watch Brothers & Sisters on hubby's laptop on the sofa with a nice brew!
Oh well - no one ever said this was gonna be easy!


Calistro said...

Oh dear. Don't I look grumpy in that photo!

Thanks for my business card, am very impressed (as was everyone I think!) :o) Sorry I didn't get to speak to you properly. How is it possible that six hours wasn't enough to speak to everyone?! But hopefully we'll get a chance at the next meet (in London in July according to JJ's blog). Can't wait!

Caroline said...

Fab seeing you again honey and I must say that your Spanish accent is mighty fine. I love your business card, which is now under a 'warding off evil thingie' on my desk.


hesitant scribe said...

calistro - you look fine! I just look fat! Six hours wasn't enough, was it? Especially as I was late - ah well - July you say? Fantastic!

Caroline - you too. And let's hope your ward off evil thingie works in keeping me safe from my evil tumour thingy x

SabineM said...

Lovely post and I can relate about telling our daughters not to meet ppl from the internet, and turning around and doing JUST THAT! ;-)
I looked at the Photo and wandered if that was Caroline. I don't need to ask that question, I see her comment!
Hope her evil thingie works! ;)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Awwww, you sweetie. It was great to meet you too. And I'm glad you've blogged, I've been worrying about you. Take care.

Lane said...

You have been busy!

Glad you had a great weekend. Sounds fab.
Take care:-) x

DK Leather said...

It was a pleasure to meet everyone in the picture, I was the one taking it i.e. DK (Rachel's other half)!

Love the phone box, I have a fascination for them too. See this picture I took the other day at Wollaton Park!


~doffs cap~

hesitant scribe said...

sabinem - so true about meeting people off the net - and yet a nicer bunch I couldn't have hoped to meet!

zinnia - thanks hun - hope you got/liked the stories x

lane - too much again, as per! Overdoing it is my new middle name lol

dk - fantastic phone box pic - love it!

L-Plate Author said...

Oh Lisa, it was fab to meet you too, I only wish we had had longer. And I loved listening to you talking Spanish on your moby! xx

wordtryst said...

This is the first photo of the meet that I'm seeing. Wish I could've been there! Maybe you can hold it somewhere in the Caribbean next time?!! :) Then I'd have no excuse for missing it.

While looking at the photo it suddenly dawned on me that Kevin is the only guy I know of who's in the NRs.

PS - Sure can identify with that 'fraud' feeling.