Wednesday, 2 April 2008

As the fug slowly clears... (plus a short story conference if you're interested?)

I stopped taking the sedatives last night. I figured that a week was long enough and that I should get on with sleeping all by myself again.

I woke up at 1 am, and 5 am, in agony both times, and with nausea... but by 8 am, nausea aside, I felt more awake than I have done since Day 1 of the cycle. So while I'm grateful to the sedatives for helping me sleep through the first week, I'm also quite pleased to be beginning the 'return to normal' phase of the chemo cycle!

Actually made it to Tesco today too (other supermarkets are available...). I had to rope in my friend's fella to take me, but he was marvellous and even carried my handbag round while I tried not to throw up in my trolley. I know hubby will come home and say, "Why did you do that?! I would have gone for you!" but it's baby steps, and I just wanted to go myself and look on shelves. You know? It's a small, but real achievement. (If I'm this pleased about Tesco, imagine how pleased I'll be when my novel gets published and I buy a horse!!!)

Yesterday's achievement was walking into the village and back to post a parcel. It was like being in someone else's body, and about ten minutes into the walk the pain in my shoulder started up big time. My legs felt like lead, and the ringing in my ears made the world so loud and tinny. I got overtaken by a woman who was definitely on the wrong side of 90. So I was walking along singing, "Heave ho! On we go! One foot in front of the other..." and I imagined I was on a pirate ship, hoisting a sail up. I got a few odd looks but I made it there and back. Even if it did take me the best part of 50 mins to do a 20 min trip.

You see sometimes, you just gotta lower your expectations!

There's a few exciting things in the pipeline though. There's Centre Parcs, and I'm determined to get a riding lesson in next week. I have a lunch meeting tomorrow too... lots of stuff. Plus the novel racers are meeting up, and that is by far the most exciting thing ever!!!

And for the writers... news of a short story conference follows...

(I use far too many ellipses, don't I?)

Oceans of Stories Conference
It's Conference time again, folks. I've been to the last two Short Story Conferences organised by Edge Hill, and even gave a paper at last year's (although not going to be doing that this year, ho hum). I think it's a fantastic way to keep abreast of academic debate in the area of the short story...

or equally... it's just great to meet other writers, eat, drink, and be merry! Don't be put off by it being 'academic'. It's never a dry affair - far from it. Al Kennedy had me (and everyone else!) in stitches when she opened the first one, two years ago.

You should be able to click on the poster for all the details, but if not, email me and I'll send you a copy of the poster in pdf.

When: Saturday 10th May 2008
Where: Dean Walters Building, John Moores University, Liverpool.

Hope to see you there.


Lane said...

Your strength and determination are paying dividends. Sleeping, walking and Tescos unaided are great milestones!
Well done gal:-)

Won't be able to make the conference or the Racers' meet unfortunately.
Remember that there is another Wannabe meet up in London in June. Hope you can manage that (though I appreciate it's quite a distance:-)

Jon M said...

Hope you're doing well, Lisa. Been chasing round after me old mum, well me only mum, I haven't got a new one or anything. Did you end up at oncology at Clatterbridge hospital in your travels? We were probably yards from each other as Mum's spending some time there!

hesitant scribe said...

lane - thanks hun :) London in June? Sounds fabulous!

jon m - oooh yes! And I'll be there right through April/May for Radiotherapy too, so let me know and we could catch a coffee in that oh so lovely canteen! Hope your mum's doing ok xxx

Fiona said...

I love ellipses... I didn't know what they were and I don't know how you pronounce ellipse, but I'm glad I've discovered what I'm addicted to...