Monday, 31 March 2008

last trip to hospital for chemo - hurrah!

Hurrah! Today is the last day I have to go get chemo. This is a day to celebrate indeed!

Now here's what's confusing...

Today is Monday - but because I had the chemo a day later due to Easter hols, it's really only Sunday inside my body.

So today is like Sunday (i.e. sleepy bobies/face down on couch time)... because the steroids have run out...

But am really feeling like it's Wednesday because am sitting up on the computer (...ish!), and even contemplating having a shower - while talking on msn IN SPANISH! And not only in Spanish, but in stupid Spanish texty msnny speak! Like 'ketal' instead of 'que tal'...

How fabulous am I?!!!

*Promptly falls off chair and lands in chemo-fied heap*

What was that about pride and falls again?!


Lane said...

msnny Spanish??? Wow!

Last chemo! Hurrah! And you're at home. Hurrah!

Fabulous indeed:-) xx

Debs said...

Brilliant, last chemo, so thrilled for you.

And it's only Sunday, or Wednesday?

L-Plate Author said...

Hope it's gone okay for you today Lisa xx

Mistlethrush said...

Cograts on the last chemo. So who cares what day it is? It's A NO-CHEMO day - hurray!

All the best Lisa. Keep having something to do (I know you will...)and keep having lots of little treats along the way.

All the Best - you're our inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Well Done.
Thinking of you while I was wallpapering. Remember when you were little and helping me decorate? We drew all over the walls before putting the new paper up!
I looked at the virgin plaster here and thought....This one's for Lisa.
Now you'll have to come and visit next time I decorate so you can see it.
Love from us all.
The Fletcher Clan. Houslow Chapter.

hesitant scribe said...

lane - cool innit - and I just did an email too - though not sure if the recipient will be able to read it, ha ha!

debs - and today is Wednesday, but really only Tuesday, and feels like a Thursday!

l-plate - thank you! it wasn't too bad. Swallowed the pills and made it home!

mistlethrush - thanks C - lovely to hear from you too x

anon - 'ello darlin'! God I remember it soooo well! We drew diagrams to explain centrifugal force amongst other things! Can't wait to be well enough to come visit - it's been years!

Nigel said...

"Word Verification" to write this comment says: "igyptt".
What is an igyptt - a mass grave for eskimos perhaps? May be it isn't important. But where do they get these words from? May be I'll check this one in the dictionary. Init dat plaice wear de FairO's are from? Did you enjoy de-knitting? Not sure about the horse idea - it's alot of work. Glad to see your up and about. What do you want to drink with your dinner?

hesitant scribe said...

Ha ha ha! Funny to see hubby here again!