Monday, 17 March 2008

Good News Bad News

Good News: I wrote a short story and did send it off.

Bad News: But I couldn't tell you because it was a big secret.

Good News: It got short-listed for Radio 4, making it into the final 15.

And I was dead excited! And wanted to tell everyone.

Bad News: But couldn't.

Good News: I did very well to make the final 15 and the editor said they loved reading it.

Bad News: Only it didn't make the final 5.

Never mind. It is a start! I actually made a shortlist!


Rode Henry today and had a fabulous time. We did flat work, and I learned to control his enthusiasm. Henry has 2 speeds; walk, and canter. I learned that by turning him into a tiny circle he has to slow down to trot, bend lots and work loads - which of course he objects too. After a circle or six, he finally got the message and kept a steady trot for me, so then I let him have a brisk canter as a reward.

Fantastic. I feel like I've really learned something today.

Plus - no sickness, and only taking diclofenac for what is a very mild pain in the shoulder.

And I had coffee with a friend I haven't seen in years, after which hubby cooked dinner.

A perfect day, I'd say!


Wireless said...

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Lane said...

Well done for making the final 15!! That's brilliant. R4 has trillions of submissions.

Glad you had a perfect day. You've earnt it:-)

Cal said...

Wow, wow, wow! Radio 4!!! That's incredible. You should be really proud of yourself. Your next story will make it into the top 5 for sure. I really must start listening to the stories on Radio 4. Do you know what time of day they're on?

maresy said...

How wonderful is that!! To be short listed is fantastic. The competition is fierce way to go sweetie!! I know I will be hearing, and seeing you published in no time.

JJ said...

Wow Lisa. How fantastic. Well done.

NoviceNovelist said...

How fantastic to make the shortlist of 15 - I'm sure they had gazillions of entries!!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your story! Thats fantastic news! Sounds like you had a beautiful day. X

L-Plate Author said...

I agree with everyone. Well done for making the final 15 and for also having a wonderferul day. You deserve it! xx

hesitant scribe said...

wireless just might be an Ad bot... whaddya think guys?! Time to add the annoying letter thing?

lane - cheers honey *blushes*

cal - more blushes, especially as - dare I admit this - I don't know! But see the listings at

maresy - I'll get there - certain of it, especially now :)

jj - cheers me dears - and the sellotape arrived today! I've been sticking everything in the office together with it!

novice novelist
mother x
l-plate author - *more blushes* and many thanks... damn shame it's not gonna be on the radio though innit!