Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone. May you gorge yourself on chocolate and other luscious things.

My 8 year old woke me up this morning with hot buttered toast and orange juice. How wonderful is that!?

I do have a little pain in my shoulder, and Diclofenac seems not to be working any more (so been swigging away at the oramorph through the night), but I'm going to jolly well ignore it and cook a big Sunday dinner for the family regardless! I got lovely leg of lamb to do, with all the trimmings. Let's hope I can remember how to do a roast - it's been that long. And apologies to all the veggies out there :(

I can't believe it's Sunday already. Where did this week go?! I can't even think what I've done, either! I've been out everyday though... visiting people, doing stuff, shopping! Cramming it all in before the last lot of chemo on Tuesday!

The last lot! Hurrah!!! It'll be something to focus on while feeling crap. I shouldn't say that! I'm going to sail through this final lot! Sail through, I tell you!


Lane said...

And sail through you will!

Happy Easter Lisa. It's lamb here too although the rosemary in the garden is currently covered in snow:-)

Kafrin said...

Happy Easter to all of you. Chicken and Noodle Soup in our house today....
Nic is off to freeze in the Cairngorms, 2 nights in a snow hole. What a chilly easter. Lots of love Kathrin

SabineM said...

HAPPY EASTER..sorry I am a little late...yet it is still sunday here in CA! ;)

hesitant scribe said...

lane - how did your roast go? I managed to get everything ready, on time, and cooked just right, for the first time ever! Finally cracked the roast dinner thing!

kafrin - You've got the right idea - cuddle up with babbie while he freezes his bits off :)

sabinem - I'm glad you got sunshine! Actually today it is glorious here too (if a little chilly!)