Monday, 3 March 2008

Cycle 3 - Bring it on

Will be absent for a couple of days as cycle 3 begins in a couple of hours. Just packing my bags, making lunch and dinner, and sticking lots of writing paper in the bags in the hope that I will do some work this time.

The pain is really quite horrendous at the moment, and if the last two cycles are anything to go by, the pain will start to disappear half way through the bag of Cisplatin, so looking forward to another opportunity to hammer this little blighter! The nausea doesn't tend to kick in until the following morning, but hey ho. There's always a price, eh!

Normal service, whatever that is, shall be resumed by the painfree but vomiting one asap!

Thanks for all your support - it really does make all the difference!


Mother's day was lovely. Little'un and I got a camera each and took lots of pics outdoors. Enjoy. (Think of them as an interlude!)


Pacha said...

All the best! Hope the nausea and sickness aren't too bad and the shoulder pain subsides quickly.

Beatiful interlude! Thanks.

JJ said...

Stonking pictures, Lisa. I love the one with the fence and the logs... lovely textures.

Good luck whacking that thing into submission, and good strong hugs for the wibbly wobbly moments.
Love JJx

CT said...

Oh. Again? Gosh it does come around quickly doesn't it. Well I hope it's as stress-free and pain-free as possible (and they don't make a mess of jabbing you again!). We'll be thinking about you. x

Jon M said...

Best of luck, Lisa. Sorry I haven't been dropping in, things going on. Hope all goes well.
Ace pics!

SabineM said...

All the best. Will be thinking of you!
beautiful photos! Thank you

Lane said...

Pictures are fab! Love the donk:-)

All the best for this session. Hope the blighter is blasted and you cope with the nausea.

Stay strong.


Juliet said...

Love these photos. I really hope all goes well for you this week.

Annieye said...

All the very best for Cycle No. 3. I was thinking about you today.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Hope the chemo went well. You're getting there!

Billy said...

A belated Happy Mothers Day ... and kick-ass pics! Be well. Good luck--and go away nausea!

Chilli said...

Hope it's gone well, will come to see you tomorrow :-) x

maresy said...

drink lots of fluids before you go in, that'll pump up those veins, so they won't be jabbing you!! take care, thinking of you, another one down, way to go!
love ya

liz fenwick said...

Thinking of you. Fab photos :-)

Caroline said...

Thinking about you honey. Hope it's gone well.

I love the photos.

hesitant scribe said...

Hi All,

Thanks for all your messages and continued support - and boy do I need it after 3 cycles of chemo!

The pics are great aren't they - budding little photographer we have in the family it seems, as all are Litte'uns apart from the tree.