Thursday, 27 March 2008

Home Again and doing okay...

The last session of chemo went reasonably smoothly. I think that was down to the fact that it was the last one and every time I felt wobbly I just told myself, "It's the last one" and I felt much more able to cope. I also keep on telling myself that I am healthy and strong, and feel really good. I think it is working!

The nurse said the veins in my left arm are already like old rope, so she had to plug me into the chemo on the right hand, which meant no writing for me this stay. Yeah right! Like I ever get much writing done in there any way!

Next to me this time was an older lady who had an unfortunate accident and another woman who had bladder control issues, so I'm afraid it was the stench of bodily fluids as far as the eye could smell. (Bit like cycle two as I recall...) I really do admire those nurses who can clean it up so well. I was retching all the way to the jug room and back again (remember we have to pee in a jug to measure fluids in and out?!).

There was a woman who is terminal in there too - just so depressing. The hospital is the worse place to be if you're trying to get by on positive thinking, I tell you!

So a relief to be home on Wednesday away from the poo and the wee, and the dying. I felt pretty icky but not as bad as previous cycles I don't think. The pain is fairly do-able too, and no painkillers as yet, so feeling pleased about that too. Goodness me, I shall be on the up from now on! No more chemo IV! No more Cisplatin! Oh I am pleased!

I am healthy and strong and feeling good. Repeat after me!


maresy said...

Lisa is healthy and strong and doing well!! will be my new chant!! I am so pleased it went so well, Cheers to no more Chemo , yeah! yahoo!! yippee!!!
Now count down to your awesome adventure in two weeks, All is good, take care!! Love ya

Cal said...

You are healthy and strong and feel good.

Oh thank goodness that's chemo over and done with. That last session sounds HORRIBLE! Glad you're home and surrounded by your things and your family and...NICE smells. Hope the next week is pain and stress free x

Lane said...

You are healthy and strong and feeling good ... and you got through it!! Well done my girl - you done good.
Hope the nausea stays at bay and hope you just keep getting stronger and stronger:-) x

JJ said...

Lisa is healthy and strong and feels good.

Yes, excellent news. Sounds as though that wasn't a terribly nice place to be, but at least it's the last one. Well done on getting through it.


Fiona said...

I'm saying this out loud - can you hear me?

'Lisa is healthy and strong and doing well!'

hesitant scribe said...

maresey - Yippee indeed! Hurrah! Knackered but feeling good!

cal - It's always horrible having to be in hospital! It is sooo lovely to be home! I do feel sorry for the poor lady who had the accident. She was sooo upset about it, poor thing.

lane - thank you! Not to nauseous at all this time around! All good good so far...

jj - cheers me dears!

fiona - thank you!

Lisa is healthy and strong and feelig great!

P.S. Did anyone see Desperate Housewives?! Poor Lynette throwing up into someone's handbag at the school play whilst trying to pretend everything is fine when actually she's reeling from her chemo! I could so identify with her - especially as I had to watch the episode online because my own chemo knocked me out so that I couldn't watch it at the scheduled time on TV - ha ha ha!

Captain Black said...

Hi Lisa,

Glad your out of that terrible place and on the mend. I hate hospitals too - I used to work in the Royal Marsden so I know how bad they can be.

Good luck with your writing and with everything else :o)

Anonymous said...

Lisa is healthy and strong and feeling good... Lisa is healthy and strong and feeling good...
Well done indeed for getting through the last cycle. What a strong woman you are.

motherx said...

I very pleased for you!!! Thats fantastic news!!! It must have been awful around that place...NO MORE! XXX

Annieye said...

Well done. Keep strong, Lisa, you're doing well.