Saturday, 29 March 2008

Oh No! Please don't cry! :)

Good Afternoon, All!

What a wonderful day it is. Yes, despite the rain, and the grey skies! (After all, may garden needs some watery loving if it's to come up all green this spring!) It is a wonderful day, despite the c-word, and the gallbladder attack I had last night - what bloody fun! (Because on the bright side, I have liquid morphine on hand now, so just took a load of that and it soon settled down!)

Also had some proper good sleeps, so although I'm still totally whacked, I'm not crying and sad whacked!

I have to say, at the end of this chemo lark, what an interesting journey it's been. I still have a booster (set of chemo pills - Vinorelbine) to have on Monday, and given I'm a day behind after the Easter Bank hols, I'm wondering how I'll actually get to the hospital, but then that will be the end of it. No more chemo. No more awful being plugged into an IV line that hurts my veins and turns them into 'old rope'. There are no words as to how fantastic this feels!

And then there's some lovely things in the pipe-line... only one of which is the trip to Centre Parcs. So I'll keep you all updated as and when things happen. And of course, I have my eye on the Farmers Guardian for Horsie Ads, whilst doing lots of positive thinking about being healthy and well, and being in full remission.

So all in all, things are going well.

Which leads me back to saying, don't cry!

I love the fact that some of you have been moved by my writing, but please don't be sad! Be inspired to love your own life, whatever problems you may have. Wake up in the morning and give thanks for being alive (in other words, don't wait till nature sticks a gun against your head before you appreciate it!). Open the curtains and look out at the weather whatever it's doing and remember it isn't raining to be horrid to you, it's just being itself - the weather!

I've been through merry hell and back, but in the midst of it all I have learned so much. And the most important lesson of all is that I love being alive and I want to live for a very long time. Even when curled up with gallbladder pains, or throwing up in a bowl, looking like utter shit, dealing with constipation and piles... the list is endless... I still choose LIFE!

Oh - and the novel! Must get novel written! Working on it folks! Really. I am! I'd have finished Chapter 2 if they hadn't have plugged my right hand in to the old IV!!!


JJ said...

God Lisa, you're so right to be inspired to love our own lives whatever problems we may have.

And you have made me do that.



Lane said...

I'm not crying! I'm smiling:-)

What you've been through, or more importantly how you've faced it all and been generous enough to share it with us, has been an inspiration.

I'm looking forward to hearing about whatever comes next - centre parcs, horsies, writing .... anything at all:-)

Thanks Lisa x

Caroline said...

You're an inspiration honey. You've helped me in far too many ways. One day I'll tell you all the things that I can't blog about.

And this post has made me smile, for you.


hesitant scribe said...

What can I say?!

No I'm bloody well crying!


hesitant scribe said...

But in a good way of course!