Saturday, 1 March 2008

Dragon Fruit and Guinea Pigs though not all at once!

Today has been fairly uneventful; bit of grocery shopping, visit to the folks, lots of shoulder pain but not too much nausea. It should be very exciting really, given that Monday is Chemo day again (my, doesn't 3 weeks come around fast!). Incidentally, no news on the CT Scan because they didn't think on to measure the bloody tumour! Brilliant. Not sure which genius thought the news was that there is a tumour, when in fact the news should have been smaller/bigger/still the same. So now we have to wait until Wednesday until another X-Ray doc can measure the thing and compare it with the last images we took.

Indeed, so boring was the day that we decided to spice it up in two ways;

Firstly, we bought a Dragon Fruit. It looks completely beautiful, but equally inedible. I think buying one to eat was a very brave thing to do!

It gets even more interesting when you cut it in half...

I know! It looks like facial scrub inside! Apparently, you dig the white inner flesh out with a spoon. It is quite firm, like a melon, but tastes very much like a lychee - and quite sweet. It isn't a strong flavour, by any standards, so even the hubby (who likes bland and/or sweet) liked it. He had one half, and Bigg'un had the other. Little'un is with her gran so she's missed out I'm afraid.

Secondly, as if the excitement of trying new fruit wasn't enough, we then went out to find a companion for the bunny, as the two guinea pigs she kept as pets died of old age.

This is Thumper;

And here is Benny, her new pet friend.

We've been running out to the hutch every five minutes to make sure Thumper hasn't squashed him, but she's either been grooming him, or upstairs in her 'bedroom' minding her own business, so I think it's going to be just fine! Little'un will be so excited!


CTaylor said...

Ooooh when I FINALLY move flat I REALLY want to get two guinea pigs. Can you let them have the run of a garden without worrying about cats attacking them or do you have to keep an eye on them?

Annieye said...

Guinea pigs are so cuddly - I remember my friend had one when I was a child and I was really jealous.

I looked at a dragon fruit in Tescos the other day and wondered what you did with them. So thanks! I might buy one now.

Hope Monday's chemo goes OK. e-mail didn't come through the other day, but then I thought you might have put "annie" when my e-mail address is "anne" (loads of people do that) so here it is again Rose is coming back to work part time next week! I can't wait to see her. She's done so well. Her e-mail address is

JJ said...

Dragon fruit is a bit like star fruit: very beautiful and intriguing to look at, but tastes a bit dull. Put them in a fruit salad to make it look more interesting (take off the pink rind...)

I still get terribly overexcited to see them piled up in the markets here for they DO look just like a dragon's skin.

Lane said...

Benny's a smart little chap isn't he:-) Lovely colour.

Good luck tomorrow. As always, positive vibes zooming your way - fresh, strong Spring ones:-)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Yes three weeks DOES come around fast. That scanning person needs a good slap upside the head! D'oh!!! Thanks for the Dragon Fruit photo, I'd always wondered what they looked like inside - and I never would have guessed they had an inner Dalmatian.

hesitant scribe said...

ctaylor - you're best putting them in a run or they could go missing behind/under sheds and things! We have a wire pen we put the rabbit and pig into, so they get to eat the grass, have a run around, and are quite safe. A run also makes it easier to catch 'em as they're fast little mites and go all thin when you try to grab them!

annieye - just tried to mail you again by forwarding last one. I copied and pasted the address so should be okay - and no mailerdemon failure notices? Have put a post it on the blog with email address now anyway so it's easier to find :)

jj - bland is the word! Yes - like star fruit, although they probably have more flavour!

lane - he is a cutie. I checked him this morning and he was downstairs in his little box, while she stayed upstairs. SO much for a companion. Will stick 'em in the run together in a bit, once the sun is on the garden and it's a bit warmer.

zinnia - I know! Too frustrating! I saw a very interesting thing the other day on using the mind for healing, tying in with Tibetan beliefs of believing things to be so in order to make them manifest, so might blog about it one day soon! I'm to feel the joy of my tumour having disappeared so we'll try it and see if, in conjunction with the chemo, we can hammer this thing to oblivion!!

Shame the dragon fruit is so beautiful and yet so bland though, isn't it!

motherx said...

Happy Mothers Day to you! This the first time Ive been online in 2 days! must be ill !! ope you get spoiled today, Ive spent all day sleeping and getting temps!