Friday, 15 August 2008

Bramble discovers the Outside...

Bramble says that Outside is very interesting. He says he likes the green carpety-stuff, and no that he's not so frightened of the strange noises and smells, he enjoys catching flies and eating them (even though it makes his poo funny). His favourite things are the furry creatures who are in a cage of some sort, (although he's quite frustrated because the humans have blocked up the hole and he can't get in anymore). The big furry thing looks like she might bite back, but the little brown and black thing looks just like dinner. Bramble also says to tell you he likes trees, although going up is much easier than coming back down again, and he was most embarrased about having to be rescued by one of the humans who live in his house.

So there you have it. Visit to doc was crap as she's worried about my stomach pains and has given me one more week to see how things progress before sending me off for investigations. Bloody brilliant. I just want to be pain free, be left alone by medics with pointy things and cameras on big long bendy tubes, and ride horses and write my novel. Am getting truly pissed off with illness now, so am going to stop talking about it and have a brew!!!


Debs said...

Love the picture of Bramble, so utterly cute.

Hope your stomach pains ease for you, damn things.

Lane said...

Lovely photo! I'm sure Bramble will get the hang of trees. Embarrassment is all part of growing up:-)

Hope the stomach pains piss off too!

Take care x

JJ said...

Ooh, Bramble is beautiful. Bloomin' tummy pains - they need to bugger off.

Pat Posner said...

Bramble is very cute - love his name!
Hope your tummy pains have cleared up by now.