Thursday, 14 August 2008


Tummy ache seems to be settling a bit, which is lucky because I really was at the end of my tether with it all.

I had another riding lesson today, and it was fab, although I haven't worked so hard in a very long time. I rode a new horse called Ivor. He needs lots of help to straighten him up, and so I spent the first part of the lesson getting a feel for him, and learning how to help him 'balance' himself through the transitions. I was knackered in no time, but it was a very good experience. At the end of 30 mins, my teacher suggested I 'pop him over' some 'little' jumps, only he starts at 2 foot, and 2 foot looks very big from aboard a horse! The first time I was so terrified I let him/asked him to run out, which he did most obligingly! But I did get over it second time around. No marks for style but then that's why I have lessons rather than compete at Olympic level, ha ha ha! Teach took some mini-vids so you can have a laugh.


Sadly, she didn't get one of my 'mishap'. I came down the long side of the school and was supposed to jump 3 uprights, but what happened was I got a bit nervous over the first, let him run out at the second, then got him back in line for the third, only to realise at the last minute it was higher than the others! There wasn't enough room to run out, so we jumped the block instead of the pole, and I ended up wrapped around his neck with no reins, no stirrups, and very nearly no horse! In the 20 months or so I've been riding, it's the closest I've come to falling off! Luckily, Ivor lifts his head up on landing (hence his martingale), so he caught me with his neck (I got chinned), but my backside found the saddle, and my legs somehow wrapped round his body and refused to be budged, so in no time I was sitting upright again, re-taking the reins, and seeing stars from hitting the pommel in a very delicate place! My dad said, "Oh God, be careful, Lisa!", and I'm thinking a body protector might be prudent if I'm going to keep learning how to jump!


I don't mean to be a wuss, but I've asked for Pete next week, to work on my flat work/position/sitting trot. I need a week or so to try to get fitter before I jump on Ivor again!


JJ said...

I found myself leaning forwards over my desk to jump with you! I really must get out more...

Debs said...

I think you did really well. The jumps do look higher from on a horse. Well done.

Sabine said...

Hi Lisa - glad to see you jumping!! I left a little blog award for you on my blog... :)

clairesgarden said...

you and Ivor look good together, well done with your jumping! he looks lovely to ride. hope your stomach pains will setttle down, I get you on the being fed up.
and that kitty....up the trees, they love it!! hope he doesn't get stuck too often!!