Saturday, 9 August 2008

Where'd the week go?!!!

I can't believe it's Saturday already! This week has flown over. Where is the year going?! I got a letter this morning confirming my next scan date - mid Sept - and that really does mark the time.

Tuesday, I had to cancel my riding lesson on Hugo as I had so much stomach pain there was no way I could drive, let alone ride. I did manage to get there on Wednesday though, to discover that Hugo had been misbehaving the day before (bucking and generally complaining) so I rode Henry instead. I did a full 45 min lesson and we worked on position. After almost two years of riding I finally nailed it and now my transitions are much better (the changes of pace, e.g. from walk to trot etc.). I came home grinning like a mad woman!

I've had a few visitors this week too. I thought everyone had forgotten me, or were just too busy with their own lives to call. It's also summer hols so people are under enough stress trying to go to work and find something to do with their offspring! But no. I had a few phone calls, texts, and even people in person, so that's more than made up for the fact that my stomach is still being a git and causing me quite a few tears!

I don't know what it's like where you are, but today it is dull, grey, and very wet. We're all tucked up watching the first few competitions of the Olympics 2008 in China. Yesterday's Opening Ceremony was unbelievably brilliant and I still want to know how they make the 5 rings rise into the air over the stadium! I loved the giant firework foot prints that walked in the sky to the stadium too! If you missed it, you can catch it here for the next 7 days (maybe more) on the BBCi Player.

Well I'm off to do some work. No really! What do you mean I'm all talk and no words on paper?! True, there's much to be done on the novel still, but I have started looking at the chapter I'm currently working on, and have been fishing for bits of paid work I can do at home. So far I'm typing up a booklet on Comprehension and Writing Poetry for someone. It'll help keep me a) busy, b) feeling normal, and c) in riding lessons!


Mistlethrush said...

It's dull and wet here too - and full of flies in the bargain! So I've set cloves out to see them off, hopefully.

Thanks for the previous blog - made me smile. Good job no one added extra letters to his 'I can't think of a nicer place to sit this spring...'

Good luck with the rest of the novel.

DOT said...

It was frightful here, in Brighton, too.

I am so envious of your riding. I used to ride a lot when younger and was complimented on the fact that I had a 'natural seat'(a big arse?)

One of my dreams was to compete in 3 day eventing but I never had the money or time. Sigh!

Anonymous said...


Annieye said...

Well done on the riding and on getting back to your novel. We have some tentative sunshine at the moment but it's not very warm.

I agree that the Olympic opening ceremony was absolutely fantastic, but my daughter made a sober comment that she wondered how much it had all cost and if it was worth it when there were so many starving children in the world.

Jon M said...

Bet you've been watching the eventing and showjumping!

hesitant scribe said...

mistlethrush - needing luck with the novel at the moment, but not giving up! Stomach pain has been horrendous but seems to be easing up after 7 long weeks...

dot - I'd love to do 3 day eventing too - although having crapped myself over a tiny 2 foot fence today perhaps that's a tad ambitious!

capt - :) back atcha ;-)

annieye - yeah, we were the same,especially with the whole natural world bit at the end. The Yangtze river dolphin (now extinct I think) sprang to mind, as did tigers, and all the other poor animals they keep eating or using in medicines. And that's before we even mention Tibet... Still - lots of lovely stuff from China too, eh.

jon - have been absolutely glued! Oh how I aspire to ride dressage like those guys!