Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Adios y hasta pronto!

I am going to Spain. OMG. The time is upon me! (It's gone over soooo fast).

I am taking my costochondritis with me, alas, but not going to be put off by constant pain and nausea (I'm such a trooper don't you think!!!).

Other things I am taking include:

- sexy notebook
- pens and paper
- water colour paints
- horse anatomy colouring book (why? why not?!)

So am currently trying to decide between wheelie suitcase (small) and rucksack (bigger). I think the rucksack is going to win cos I might buy things (hmmm, shopping...) and will need space for stuff, eh! Obviously I'll buy cheap stuff as have spent most of my money on flights, apartment and er... horse riding - Oops.

So will be busily making TONS of notes on NOVEL and working REALLY REALLY hard. I won't be sunning myself on the beach unless it is in order to write about it, or course. The apartment is a few doors down from where I used to live too, so how is that for forward planning. It'll be perfick!

Am secretly getting quite nervous/excited about riding bit of holiday, but had a crackin' jumping lesson yesterday and apart from horrific pains in ribs and upper torso, I was ok. Oh dear.

So hasta luego. I shall have to practise some Spanish but have run out of time. I watched Volver the other night and that was fab but thank Christ for subtitles. Worried? Preocupado? Yo? I'll be fine, just fine :)


Jon M said...

Have a top time! Do Not work! do not think! Just sun sun sun! :-)...Horse anatomy colouring book? are they legal?

JJ said...

Oooh, I meant to email you and say 'have fun' - no, I mean 'work hard' yes, 'work hard' is what I meant to say...

Lane said...

Have a great trip and fill that cute notebook to capacity:))

Chilli said...

Hope you are having a fantastic time :-)
Missed getting together between my getting back and you going, will have to have copious amounts of tea and chatter when you return!

Sabine said...

Have a great trip and enjoy the sun!

P.S. I tagged you with an 'award' ;)

hesitant scribe said...

Hi everyone - Just a quickie from un cybercafe I found. It costs 1 Euro for an hour which is buttons is it not - anyway - notes are coming in thick and fast. The book is getting filled!

Chilli - nos vemos cuando vengo, vale!