Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ole ole ole

Don´t know where to start really, and am on my way to the beach to do some writing, so won´t stay long here, but...


What hard work it´s been to keep up with my friends in their language. I found them one by one, and the first day was a nightmare of trying to understand. Every so often I just gave up and went quiet, and Celia would look at me with that look that says, I understand... the translator in your head just blew a gasket!

Yesterday I took a train and went up into the mountains to find another friend who is living in the campo. Now that was interesting! That has to go in the novel. Photos will be posted when I get home. Brace yourselves!!! I was just pleased I managed to get there with a change of train involved. How clever am I???

What else. Hubby sounds like he missed me. I do hope they are all getting on alright while I´m out here catching up with everyone. GUILT! ARGH!!!

Right - better go the beach then... it is such a hard life!

Oh yes, and I AM working my backside off. Even spent two hours in a bookshop researching stuff in MALAGA.

Venga muchachos - es me voy ya!

p.s. It´s 30 C here and blue skies all round. Mountains behind me - sea infront. Ah que me encanta esta costa.


JJ said...

Oooh, so glad you got a chance to post, I was hoping you would.

Enjoy! 'Work' hard.


liz fenwick said...

Sounds brilliant.....enjoy the hard work as JJ says.

Next time your on the 'net could you stop b the novel racers bloag as there are some key things being discussed and it ould be great to have your input.

Thanks and do enjoy for me :-)

Fiona said...

Sounds wonderful. Have you learnt any spanish swear words yet? They are really expressive and I still use them although haven't lived in Estepona for twenty years.

Jon M said...

Curse you Hesitant *shakes fist at sky* why can't I go to the beach?! Sounds like you're having a fun time!

Caroline said...

I am soooooooooo jealous!

hesitant scribe said...

jj - I did SOOOO much writing! You'll be SOOOO proud of me!

tara - quien es esta?! Please don't post adverts on my blog - and if anyone can tell me how to delete it I'd be very happy!

liz - will get to novel racers asap.. in next couple of days xxx

fiona - hmmm - well I think I already know most of them!

jon - I was swimming in the med at 5.20pm and had to hand the keys to the apartment back at 6pm. It was wonderful!

caroline - next time come with me!

hesitant scribe said...

HA! That tara person has been banished!