Monday, 3 September 2007

10st 6lbs, 0 fags, 0.54 miles, 10 lengths

Well well well. It's been a funny old week this end. It was, all of a sudden, the last week before school, and then much as I intended to get done, it was over. Time, eh. Still can't get my head around it after 37+ years of the stuff.

So hubby went off gallivanting with his mates. Sends me regular pics of the latest mountain he's just climbed. For example:

It does, admittedly, look rather lush, but also looks a bit terrifying to me, so not at all upset at missing out on that one! (Although I've never been to Italy)

Back here in Blighty, it's been a case of ironing school uniforms, learning to tie a tie (hmm - and with no man in the house - how brilliant am I?!), writing names in tiny black pumps, and erm... not really doing any writing at all. Oh dear.

Riding is going well though ;-) Have now progressed to the point where the horse is getting a nice outline, is tracking under well, and does the paces I want when I want them. (And I know what these things are which is even more progress!) Still got miles to go, but at least I'm still loving it.

What else? The costochondritis (or Tietze's disease - 'cos it gets on your tits?! ha ha!) is back with a vengeance. All that running. Ouch and ouch again. Last night it was full on - elephant sitting on chest, short of breath, pain to touch the sternum, agony on coughing... the works really. And the old anti-inflammatories worked after a day so going back to quacks to find out more (as opposed to self-doctoring using the internet which probably isn't the best, I know).

So all's well after a fashion. Not writing a bean though which is bad. Very Bad. I am bad bad bad.

I am reading. Does that count?

I am getting ready to go on a research trip. Does that count?

I am letting the ideas fester like that expensive cheese with the dodgy blue veins. Does that count?

Does anyone even give a toss?!!!


JJ said...

Yup, I give a toss.

Reading is good.
Letting ideas fester is good
Getting ready for research trip is good.
Losing weight is really good.
Love JJx

Jon M said...

All those things is good. Your hubby's mountains seem a little high up. 'Got a nice outline?'It sounds like you're teaching the horse to draw!

Hope you are feeling better soon! Don't give up on the running (unless the doc tells you to of course...or you like swimming more...or cycling is more your thing...just stay off the fags! :-))

hesitant scribe said...

JJ - thank you!
Jon - Thank you too!

I will keep running, (and cycling, and swimming, and of course riding) although I'm having to take masses of pain killers just to keep going at the moment. Doc never said don't do any exercise - just gave me more pills. *shrugging of shoulders in a kind of whatever stylee*
Gonna get thin and fit if it bloody kills me - ha ha ha!

p.s. hubby's mountains are HUGE and very SCARY!!!

Lane said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your exercise regime:))
Are those mountains in Italy??

hesitant scribe said...

Lane - my current exercise regime isn't really that bad! It takes me 4 mins 45 seconds to run around the block (just over half a mile) and that's it. Swimming takes me an hour to do 40 lengths.

Now when I was training as a teenager - that was gruelling! Are you ready?

Karate 2 hours a day 5 days a week, and 4 hours on the other 2 days. I did weight training 3 times a week, cycled everywhere, and ice skated as often as I could, which was just about every day. I was obsessed and very very fit. I could run over 2 and half miles without really noticing it back then, and used to cycle up the hills in the lake district without batting an eye-lid.

After some 20 years of smoking and eating crap I have some serious work to do but must remember that I am never going to be that fit again (haven't got the time or the inclination!). The worst thing about trying to get fit again is trying to get my head around the fact that I can't train as hard as I used to - that I have to do things slowly and gently - because you get injuries!