Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Freak Accidents, Driving on the Pavement, and Sexy Notebooks, in no particular order!

Would you just look at what landed in my toe!!! And er... before we go any further, apologies for the poor quality of images but hubby has swiped the camera and taken it to Italy to take pics of mountains, so left with 2 megapixel camera on my phone (still - not bad for a phone all said and done!)

Shard of Glass

I was squeezing into a gap filled with picture frames (waiting to be hung since we moved in 6 years ago) and my huge arse managed to break the thin glass on a poster sized affair. I watched in slow motion as the glass sliced through the air in swift silence and then went through my foot with equal ease. Quite a lot of blood for such a small hole - but deep my darlings - deep so that the blood came out that gorgeous crimson colour. Great colour for wine and soft furnishings, but not so great on socks, skin, and cream carpets.

Maybe the fact that it didn't hurt is due to the copious amounts of pain killers I'm taking for the old costochondritis, and may I just say what a difference a doctor can make - or not as the case may be. Doc number one all those weeks ago was fab. He listened and appeared to have all the time in the world even though I know he was on the same time starved schedule of doctor number two. He poked me with care. He expressed sympathy with said pain that ensued. He could put Bupa to shame. Doctor number two was crap (on Monday). She made me feel like an NHS patient that deserved to be pushed and rushed. Same diagnosis, whole different ball game. She could do with reviewing her bedside manner a tad, methinks. She poked with venom and informed me that my 5 minutes was up and if I wanted an answer to another question I needed to make another appointment! I was ushered out the door with the words, "So can I keep running?" left hanging in the air. So I went home and ran. Ouch.

But it's not all bad. We have a new kettle that glows in the dark. I am such a sucker for lighty up things and I know it's bad for the environment but it's a low energy jobbie and says so on the box. It glows blue for 'on' and red for 'boiling'. It is most cool!


I found the perfect note-book to take on my research trip. It's a little leather bound affair as you can see below, and even has a little pocket in the back for... for... for something! Notes perhaps! I'm going to fill it with inspiring bits and pieces from my research trip. I love note-books. And it was only £4.99 which is cheap for a little leather bound beauty designed for water-colour sketches. Am going to take my water-colour mini travel kit that Amanda bought me too, with the tiny fold-away brush.

Last but not least, have been hacking out to get experience in for Spain next week. Yesterday I did a 2 hour hack and got to gallop on the beach and then canter through the pine woods. It was like, totally awesome, dudes and dudettes!!! I learned loads too, not least that horses can leap, yes, leap, sideways onto the pavement if a truck makes enough noise on its way past! I learned to be more aware and luckily no one was using the pavement at the time. The next time a big truck came trundling along I was there with lots of leg, kind words of reassurance and lots of pats. He was fine after that, until we met a wheelie bin!

A big thank you to the kind lady who passed me my riding crop back at the level crossing after I dropped it! I don't know - these bloody novices eh! Can't take us anywhere!


Jon M said...

The leather wallet looks tasty. Ow your foot! Why were you squeezing into a gap filled with pictures? Agrophobia? or just cos it was there?

Lane said...

Ouch about the toe. It's a shame blood has to be such a gorgeous colour:((
Have to ask where lovely, reasonably priced cutie notebook was pur-chased. Am a sucker for such things.

hesitant scribe said...

Jon - my office is too full up with books I'm afraid so was trying to squeeze into a gap to get into a cupboard rather than moving everything out of the way. Plus with all the extra weight, gaps I could squeeze into before... you get the picture ha ha!

Lane - In a shop called The Range. Also get 10% student discount there. Notebook has no lines and is really for painting but it's perfect. Good quality paper to scrawl onto lovingly!!! And all for £4.99. Bargain. Made by Winsor & Newton and they live at Enjoy x

Lane said...

Thanks hesitant. You've made my day. I love The Range which is good because there's one not far from me! Now I have a reason to go this weekend:))

hesitant scribe said...

Lane - oh no! You'll spend a fortune! Take a student with you ;-)

JJ said...

I live in a perpetual state of denial about the size of my arse, which is lovely (the denial, not, the arse).

I don't want to know how big it REALLY is!


hesitant scribe said...

JJ - I've seen your arse (it was dressed I hasten to add) and it was very feminine and shapely!!! Indeed, I want to lose my stomach BUT keep my new found rounded bottom i.e. my feminine curves. Why is that the weight goes on to the tummy and midriff first, and comes off the boobs and bum? Is it one of those cruel mother nature jokes she plays so often?!

JJ said...

Cor, I'm damn glad you qualified that!

liz fenwick said...

Hope the toe is recovering! Yikes. Loved the notebook:-)