Monday, 5 November 2007

Doctor Doctor

I've waited a week to see my GP (granted that's my fault for wanting to see the sameGP due to some mis-guided notion of continuity of care) and guess what? No test results are back yet.

So I ended up explaining what was on my own scan and looking for cooing "It'll all be okays," only none were forthcoming. So I asked to be referred to a private hospital, and the receptionist made me feel more at ease than anyone I've so far spoken to, plus I have an appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday - this Wednesday.

I'm feeling a bit miffed that I've had to wait since July for a correct diagnosis with what have been text book symptoms. Actually the Doctor said that pain in the left shoulder and arm, and left chest, were rare, but I've been googling (as you do), and according to anecdotal evidence, it's more common than they'd have you believe. I'm only saying all this because if you have persistent pain, and you know something is wrong, I'd urge you to keep on and on at the doctor until they take you seriously! The only reason I questioned the diagnosis of costachondritis was because I met a woman at work who had the same left sided pain I did, and it was gallstones. I could've been 'getting on with it' and living on Ibuprofen for another year or so!

Fingers crossed we get me sorted so I can finish me novel and all that!


JJ said...

You're right: persisting is the only way. Hope you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear/here here.
What the other commentator said anyhow..

Lane said...

All the best for Wednesday.
At least you're getting somewhere now.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Well done for being assertive. It's not easy, with the medical profession - and it certainly shouldn't be necessary - but sometimes it seems to be the only way to get a result. Fingers crossed for speedy action now.

hesitant scribe said...

Thanks everyone! I think all I want is for just one doctor to talk to me like they know what they're on about, and to make me feel okay about turning into a quivering wreck. *mini wave of panic rises* Am going to be a grown-up about this. No really. I am.

Jon M said...

Good on you. Isn't it a shame that it all took so long!