Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Facebook - What's it for again?!

I just checked into face-book to a host of odd invitations...

1 x do I want to be a zombie
1 x do I want to play vampires
1 x IM request (use msn why can't you?!)
1 x join a club request
2 x family requests

I'm still not sure I get this facebook thing. I hope people aren't too mad when I choose to ignore all the applications, but life's too short and I've got a novel to write...

I like the drinks thing though! Virtual drinks are so much better for my guts than real ones!

p.s. all the bloods were normal so very relieved and just waiting to see the surgeon.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Haven't a clue about Facebook, I've avoided all the social networking sites so far, I can procrastinate enough by blogging, I don't need any other procrastination options! Great news about the tests, hope the worst is over soon.

Lane said...

I'm new to it too and finding it really hard to navigate. I just don't understand what half of it is for.
My daughter keeps sending me bits and bobs and she's only upstairs:-)

Good news about the bloods:-)

hesitant scribe said...

zinnia - I must be getting old or something, cos I just don't have the will to chase virtual people around to virtually bite them. Am sure it's loads of fun really?

lane - too funny. Thankfully my eldest hasn't discovered it yet, but she has 100s of people on her msn - kids with names like &*()^^^%$£"££^&*()))(*&^%%&*(ZEE)&**"£^"%$$£^&£&*"*&"*&^£^£&^*£& or whatever, so you can't even see what they've said. What they've said is another string of unintelligable letters!

Relief re bloods - phew! Just got knocking knees about the op now!