Wednesday, 7 November 2007

No further ahead and the dangers of googling medical problems

Been to see the surgeon today.

He doesn't want to rush into surgery for gallstones when he doesn't think the shoulder pain on the left is related. Thinks it could be stress. Needs more data.

Am partially relieved but still wondering what the blasted pain is about. Now on a reduced fat diet for 3 weeks, liver function tests, god knows what else.

Stress? It can do that?!

Need another trip to Spain! De-stress meself a bit!

Google is a bad thing when it comes to trying to diagnose yourself - and it doesn't help when the medical profession, in whom we are supposed to put our trust (and lives, let's face it), can't tell you anything. It makes you go looking for info, and thinking the worst.

Am going to be very patient and wait for the rest of the test results while putting any thoughts of surgery out of the window... after all, I found an article about flushing out gallstones with olive oil and clay or something, and if it's on the net, it must be true - mustn't it?!

Hope everyone out there is healthy 'cos being poorly is crap :)


NoviceNovelist said...

I feel for you and hope you get it resolved soon. It took a year of tests before I had my gall bladder whipped out last year and have since then (touching large lump of wood) been pain free. I was in rather constant niggly pain prior to that. So fingers crossed for you that they get it sorted and you can get back to feeling healthy again and get on with your writing!!!! Take care.

Lane said...

you poor thing. Hope the low fat diet produces some results (without the iad of olive oil and clay:-)

JJ said...

Mmmm, googling illnesses is FATAL. I live in terror evermore if I do that.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Jon M said...

Yeah I googled the surgery I had last year...bad move. Made me nervous as....a nervous thing. Keep positive. Passing a gallstone? hmmm...moving swiftly on!

Jon M said...

Do the french get Gaul stones?

hesitant scribe said...

thanks everyone - god this is starting to get to me! Starting to feel quite pathetic, hobbling around the house moaning!

jon - hee hee hee @ Gaul stones :)