Tuesday, 22 July 2008

9, er 8, er 7 lives...

Bramble seems to be testing his 9 lives theory. Yesterday he jumped/fell through the banister rail on the landing and descended about 10 foot, landing on his feet and showing no signs of injury. But today he got his hind leg stuck in the chair, jumped off, and has really hurt himself.

So it was an emergency trip to the vet, where the diagnosis was, 'not broken but seriously injured,' with complete rest prescribed. How do you tell a cat to take complete rest?!

We've locked him in the kitchen with a blanket and his little toy kitty, and he seems to be heeding the vet's advice! At least he is now using the leg a little rather than that awful hanging limp thing he did straight after the accident. He drew blood from the vet when examined and growled at every touch, but now he's quiet and will allow me to stroke the leg gently for a moment before nipping carefully (?!). If it's no better tomorrow we have to take him back, and if it is better, then we take him back in week's time for jabs... he's gonna love that!

I don't know. Animals and children, eh.


Lane said...

He's a feisty little Bramble! Sounds like he's one of those cats who think their invincible.

Hope his leg mends quickly!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Never mind Bramble, you are evidently on the mend which is much more important, two posts in two days AND I saw a comment from you on one of the other Novel Racers' blogs just now, wow-ee missis you're doing great! And don't worry about Bramble, he'll be fine, kitties mend remarkably fast.

Rob Spence said...

We had a similar trauma with one of our cats recently, and I'm very happy to report that he is back to his old rascally self now after a bit of convalescence. Cats are tough!
Best to you.

Kym said...

Poor Bramble. I sympathise. Our puppy was attacked last week by a viscious dog and she is so poorly. She had stitches but now has a serious infection. We have been at the Vets every day for a week and it just keeps getting worse.

Sick pets to one side, I'm glad to see you posting again Lisa.

hesitant scribe said...

lane - feisty is the word, all right! Although he has been really sweet since he hurt himself! Pleased to say that the leg is now fine again, too.

zinnia - ta hun! You're spot on (as usual!) and kitten is all mended. As I am becoming too! Gonna post in a sec too, so it'll be THREE posts in three days - hurrah!

rob - good to hear from you! Crazy isn't it, how much they worry us - it's like having another child! Glad your cat also made a fast recovery!

kym - poor puppy! That's awful. I hope puppy improves as soon as - cats and dogs really become part of the family, don't they, and seeing them injured is awful.
As for posting - hoping that now I'll be well enough to be a little more regular!