Thursday, 24 July 2008

What the Oncologist said, Part III

First things first: Pussy cat is fine. He's been walking normally, jumping on and off furniture, and the only difference in him, is that he's been a lot more friendly and gentle. Actually, friendly isn't fair - he's always been friendly, he just has no sense of how much pain/damage is little teeth and claws do to human flesh! Perhaps his first taste of real pain has made him think a bit? Am I humanising him too much?!!!

Secondly, and the reason for the post - saw the doc this morning.

He said;

- he's pleased with my recovery from RT, so far.
- that he will send me for a scan in 4-6 weeks (any earlier may give a false reading due to scarring and swelling from the RT, so that needs to be completely healed first).
- that he will see me after the scan (Oct 1st.).
- if the tumour is stable and or reduced, they will see me 3 months after that.
- we are hoping the tumour will remain stable, and not spread.
- if the thing doesn't stay stable, we can do chemo again next year (but you can't repeat RT - thank f*** for that!).

There you go. Now everyone who takes the time to read the blog knows as much as I do!

I feel very positive, believe it or not. Doc wasn't worried or stressed about the long time spans, as non-small cell types tend to develop very slowly. It's not like I'm going to keel over at Christmas anyway! I just need enough time for there to be a break through in terms of non-surgical treatments, for my particular strain of the disease.

Disease. Hmm. What a word. A dis-ease in the body... my body is not at ease. (No sh** Sherlock!)

I have had the busiest day since before RT started! After the hospital I went to visit S and her lovely donkeys (who are so friendly now they walk around with you!). Then I went to another friend's and had a brew before she (very kindly) took my little one out with her two for the day. Then I went home and Nic called in, so didn't have a nap and even managed to sit at the dining table for my evening meal (which I was also able to eat!) Good times. Good times.

AND THREE posts in three days... is that progress or what?!!!


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Huge progress, on lots of levels. And much good news as well. So glad you're able to enjoy life again, long may that continue.

Captain Black said...

What Zinnia said :o)

JJ said...

Hey, excellent. So glad you're feeling better. JJx

Cathy said...

I've just been catching up. It's lovely to hear so much positive news. I was so sorry you couldn't make it down to London, but there will be a next time for you to enjoy!