Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Carpe Dium or something like that

I've done it. I've really gone and done it. I've decided to make the leap from desktop pc to laptop!

But what next?!

Well. I've been improving a little more each day, and Sunday managed to get myself up to the local retail park to look at laptops. I was like a child in a candy store; my eyes coveting the new shiny true life screen thingies, 17" widescreen, dvd/rw, and even a choice of colours (Dell).

But I resisted a spur of the moment purchase because this laptop is to replace the main pc in the house (which is so slow you can cook a three course meal, eat it, and clean up while it's booting up!). It has to be an improvement therefore, and be good for a few years at least (though the last one is about 8 years old (is that a record?!) and has a paltry 512mb of RAM.

I was unsure about Vista too. I've just reached the point with XP that I know my way around the system now, and can fix most problems. I've heard Vista has lots of bugs and issues, but try as I might, I couldn't find a new pc without it.

When I got home I was knackered but still in research mode so I spent a few hours online at Toshiba, HP, Sony, and Dell, to name but a few. I toyed with the idea of a Mac but realised I'm hooked on Windows because it what I started with. I love HP but they need to sort their website out as I ended up frustrated and left! Dell won hands down.

So I did it.

I got one!

A shiny red one (so sad - swayed by a choice of 6 colours!!!), an Inspiron 1720. I love that you can then change the tech specs to suit your needs, though my first attempt at a build came in at over £1500. Oops! Eventually I got it down to within my price range and happily spent the last of my wages (perhaps ever) on a laptop, docking station, carry case, and Office 2007 (I've been wanting to upgrade from Office 2000 for simply ages!).

I'm going to justify this purchase by taking it around the house and garden, and writing my novel on it!

So something good is happening, and feel better, and I even had a poo so no tummy ache this morning!!!

I'm easily pleased, aren't I?!!


Thanks to all of you who have kept reading through what has been an exceptionally 'dry' period in my poor little blog's life!


Debs said...

A red laptop, how luxurious. I think I need one too.

I never know where to start looking for these things as there is so much choice out there, but yours sounds glorious, good for you.

JJ said...

Oh how wonderful Lisa. Vista is okay - mine's the business version and I haven't had too many problems at all.

So glad you're feeling better.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Good for you!

I don't think I could ever make the jump from desktop to laptop - I like my peripherals and terragig of hard drive too much!

Caroline said...

I'm wanting red or pink or perhaps I'll just paint Gary's silver one pink. Ha! Imagine his face :)

Have fun with it.


Captain Black said...

I'm sure I could rustle up a copy of XP if you wanted to go back to that. Once you start using Vista though, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

Lane said...

You chose red! Good choice!
Vista is fine but I did need to get a lot more memory.

Have fun with your new found 'freedom'!:-)

NoviceNovelist said...

Thanks for sharing your joy over your shiny red purchase! I bet its gorgeous! Have fun with it. Glad to hear you're feeling good today as well.

Anonymous said...

A red laptop - I'm so jealous!!
Glad you are feeling better, and hope you are enjoying 'Moab...' - it's a super book, very funny, and eye-wateringly honest.
Look after yourself

hesitant scribe said...

And it came today...
and it is soooo delicious - if a laptop can be delicious!!!