Thursday, 1 March 2007

Workspace Challenge (and Exhausted!)

Novel racer Nichola has set us a challenge to share our workspace, so here goes! I have taken over the front room with wall to wall cabinets overflowing with books and files, so I'm only showing you the neat looking bit in the corner where I sit! A friend brought me some daffs yesterday - you can see them on the window sill. They really cheered me up, especially as we had to take my little one's daftodils into school!

I have dozens of little bits and bobs around me, each one full of memories and ideas, from my totem pole, to my tiny little dragon a student gave me many years ago. They keep me sane!

The novel writing is going well. I've realised that the first 10,000 words are not going to be used in their current format, so the first page is no longer the first page. Argh. But all is not lost. At least I know where I'm going now - what I want to create, and it isn't a straight-forward narrative at all. I'm beginning to wonder what I've taken on, what a challenge I've set myself, but I am equally inspired and excited.

I promised my husband that I would get an early night and not sit up writing until 2 am every morning. I think I might just listen to him for once, because I am shattered! I don't know - I wanted it all - kids, husband, career, studies - and now I find I'm a one woman juggling act!

So, as the word count trickles along, I'm switching the pc off, and heading for bed. A pile of marking awaits me in the morning, planning and preparation for next week's teaching. I can hardly wait!


Nichola said...

That's the kind of workspace I'd like - surrounded by books, soaking up the atmos!

As it is, I have a desktop tucked away in the front bedroom (I use the back one now) with all my bookcases.

I'm looking around for alternative accomodation as I've been in this flat for nearly 10 years and one of my requirements is it MUST have a small room suitable for use as an office - built in bookcases would be wonderful but probably not big enough!

liz fenwick said...

Great work space Lisa. The perfect amount of chaos. I used to have a study before we moved last summer and that was great. Now that I have alaptop i work on the dinning room table or where ever so it makes me be disaplined with my bits of paper ect. Not sure its works though...

Go easy on yourself. You don't want to burn out. Take some self time too!

hesitant scribe said...

I'm glad you like it - I'm very lucky to have it. I wish I could have wall to wall shelving though, as the rest of the room is full of bulging office cupboards with books 3 deep to a shelf! Plus a multitude of arch lever files full of everything from PGCE primary and current teaching files to reams of journal articles to be read!

Liz - I ended up sitting up reading essays until midnight, so an early night of sorts! I'll aim to do better tonight.