Friday, 21 December 2007

Light Reading...

It's Friday - not that I've been losing track of time or anything ha ha!

The telly is working again - hallelujah! Although having said that I'm on the computer and the kids are parked infront of The Chronicles of Narnia!

Hubby ordered some books for me yesterday - a little light reading jejeje - we have;

It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong (recommended by Nic)

Livestrong: Inspirational Stories from Cancer Survivors - From Diagnosis to Treatment and Beyond by The Lance Armstrong Foundation

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Complete and Unabridged by Joseph Murphy (as recommended by Anna)

Cancer Positive: The Role of the Mind in Tackling Cancers by James Colthurst (because it looked useful)

Not my usual reading material but needs must and all that.

Had a lovely surprise today when the phone rang and it was Desiree and Celia in Spain, with loads of happy stories of successful cancer treatments.... And yesterday a call from Canada from Brenda. I'm so lucky to have all these people who care about me, and it is amazing how much help all the calls, emails and comments are at times like these. I get up in the morning and think, Oh Shit, and then I get online, or someone calls, and I feel better instantly.

It's probably all this being stuck indoors that's doing it, so going to make an effort to get out more. I've been using a wheat-pack to keep my shoulder pain at bay so been asking everyone if they have a microwave I can use when I visit! Except everyone's at work. Bugger!

On the plus side, pain is bearable and no one has stuck any needles into me for a couple of days :)

Quite a boring post today methinks. Stuck on level 71 of Boxworld and can't access the cheat page for some reason so slowly going mad trying to figure it out...

Hope you've all done your Christmas shopping - thanks to the Internet, I've managed to do mine without getting cold!


Anonymous said...

Lovely to read that you're being so positive and getting so much support.

Lane said...

Not a boring post at all Lisa. You sound positive and surrounded by loving people.

You will get through this and ride many horses again soon. You will.


hesitant scribe said...

Oh I can't wait to ride again! As soon as they start treatment to shrink the tumour, and I get some relief from the pain I'm booking a lesson or two!

Needing the positive thoughts... waiting for the books so I can read read read more positive thoughts...

Tis a very uppy-downy illness this - plays havoc with your head!

Today will be a good day!

Chilli said...


As well as the book you can visit Lance's Livestrong Foundation website, lots of positivity and survivor stories on there..

And when you've beat this you can add your own survivor story to the site too eh?

Much love,

Nic xxx

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

How people EVER managed to do ANYTHING before the Internet beats me.

Lisa, you're doing brilliantly. And Nic is right - while you're waiting for those books, there are lots of positive stories to be found on the, er, Internet.

I've just remembered another one: a woman I knew many years ago had loads of operations for cancer, she'd had parts of most of her internal organs removed, it reached the end stages, she was given four weeks to live, and she said 'right then, I'm not spending the rest of my life in hospital, I'm going home to die,' and - against the advice of her doctors - went home in a taxi. Her adult son, a practising Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist, suggested she try some chanting to calm her; she did; she loved it; she did loads; her cancer went away. (Whether as a result of the chanting, or for some other reason, who knows?) She went back to the hospital some weeks later, under her own steam and feeling much better; her doctors took X-rays (this was about 25 years ago, so no CAT/PET scans etc); no cancer was visible; they said they must have got her previous X-rays mixed up with someone else's, but the unusual topography of her insides with all their missing bits convinced them otherwise. She had been a school cook for many years, but when she found she had a new lease of life, she started doing the work she had always, really, wanted to do - writing children's stories - and was reasonably successful, having several stories published and even being asked to read some of them on local radio which made her very proud. So there's a positive one for you.

CTaylor said...

Hi Lisa. I'm about to sign off blogger for a bit (until the festivities are over anyway) so thought I'd pop by to wish you a Happy Christmas and to let you know that I'll continue to send you postive vibes and thoughts. Take care and type to you again in the New Year (if not before) xx

Harriet said...

I haven't visited for a while but I have been thinking about you. Just sending you much love and good wishes for a lovely Christmas!

hesitant scribe said...

thanks all...

I've read all your comments and taken them in...

ctaylor - have a good one!

and everyone else too... have a lovely christmas xxx