Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The F-Word

Got sent this today and it made me smile!

5 Cases When It's Okay to Use the F-Word:

Not that I ever needed much of an excuse ;-)


JJ said...

Well, I've looked over the pics, Lisa, and I reckon I'd take the toddlers and the white paint any day!

Lane said...

Looks like the f word might be the last word in some of those!

Captain Black said...

If I were the motorcyclist, I would definitely ditch the bike!

hesitant scribe said...

jj - I had a similar experience to the toddlers when my biggun was about 12 months old. In a split second or less, she managed to spread the contents of a brand new tub of Sudacrem all over the living room!

lane - for sure! :)

capt - oh youch for when he landed!

Wondered if the last one was photo-shopped though?!

Annieye said...

Great photos. My nightmare would be the one by the edge of the sea, though. I love watching big waves, but I'm scared of them!