Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places...

It's been another good day, or days, or however long it is since I last posted!

I had my CT-scan today, and it may be coincidence but I went along in a purposeful, positive state of mind, and it all went very smoothly and quickly. When the guy (who always makes holes in me before calling for help) said, "I remember you! You're the vein lady!" I stayed calm and jokingly (well semi-jokingly!) said I hoped he'd improved since last time, to which he replied it was my fault. But I'm reading A New Earth: Awakening to your life's purpose (Eckhart Tolle), and The Secret (again!), so I just concentrated on my breathing and accepted whatever happened. He didn't get the line in first time, and it was sited badly so really hurt, but the stomach pains have been far worse, so I kept on breathing. As you do.

Bowen Therapy was really good on Monday. Again, I don't know if it's coincidence, but I'm really feeling the benefit. Today I had no pain at all until around 4-ish, and even then it was quite mild. I ate and it subsided even more, and I got to 10 pm before I realised I'd forgotten to take my 8 o'clock pain killers! Good stuff - am so grateful! Not least because my first two Bowen sessions have been paid for me, by two wonderful people. You know who you are - thank you so much.

This morning, Desi rang me from Spain and we had a long chat. It's weird, but while I was so low over the past few months, I didn't see much of anyone, but now I'm back to embracing life, and reminding myself to avoid wallowing; to be grateful for every moment, and to seek the best in everything, the phone hasn't stopped ringing! I even got a call from a girl I went to music college with, whom I haven't spoken to since 1987! That was lovely. She found me through Friend's Re-united which was a shock because I'd forgotten I'd listed myself there!

Riding tomorrow - woohoo! I even feel like writing again, and can see the book finished in my mind. You know, it really is going to happen! I'm so excited - I'll get well, I'll finish my book, and I'll get as good as I can get with the hay-eaters!

And now for the inspiration - hubby showed me this and I just had to share it with you. Whenever I feel like I can't do something, and blame limitations, I'm going to come back and watch this wee vid. Ay! Phenomenal!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing guy. I can't even play that well with my hands, and as for my singing, well, you'd better pack away all the glassware.

Great to hear that your new therapy is working out. I hope you enjoy the riding tomorrow, and the writing.

DOT said...

Wow! And wow to you too. I am never sure of the awful routines that you have to go through and what they mean, but you do sound more positive.

You know they say a good jockey falls off seven times (least that was what I was told when learning) - so how many times have you hit the ground?

Lane said...

Good grief that bloke is amazing!

Glad you got the through the scan. The Bowen seems to be helping which is great:-)

Debs said...

Glad to hear your therapy is helping.

I can't get over that chap, how incredible.