Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Hangin' in there...

I had Bowen again today and can honestly say it is the most relaxed and positive I have ever been in my life! I was on cloud 9 afterwards, and skipped out of there, joyous to see the sunshine and 100% confident that I can beat this.

I did slip back, however, on meeting some people who don't know the scan results, and in telling them I found myself getting tearful and afraid again. It also makes me sad to see that other people are frightened and upset by the whole thing too.

But I have managed to turn it around again. I've been looking at the stuff listed on a site (cancer fighting strategies) with alternative strategies, and am now researching further into these. The main things that keep turning up from a billion sources are;

- making the body alkaline through diet, liquid zeolite, or both (cancer loves acidic environments)
- getting more oxygen into the cells (cancer loves low levels of O2)
- killing of the fungi and bacteria that flourish in a low O2/high acidity environment (diet/supplements)
- re-introducing the good bacteria (through pro-biotics and diet)
- using positive mental strategies as outlined in The Secret and in countless other sources (to believe it, see it, visualise it gone and the body left with perfect health)

I'm not giving up by any means. I've just seen and heard too many stories of people curing themselves with the above methods that I cannot just dismiss it out of turn as my doctors appear to. One doctor actually told me that a change in diet wouldn't make any difference whatsoever (what? to anything? Changing to a high fibre diet has already sorted out most of my stomach problems and that was recommended by a dietician!)

Riding tomorrow and some visitors, which will be nice, and I also have my birth uncle over from Canada until Saturday, and enjoying that loads! I even made it to the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool yesterday - although I had to leave U. B. and hubby to make their own way home as there was more they wanted to do (Beatles shop/The Cavern etc.,) and I was starting to be tired and in pain. But the point is I drove there and back, had a reasonably good day, and am feeling very positive again!

Righto. Still got a broken Sky box, so off to watch 'Lost in Austin' on ITV's catch up web service!


liz fenwick said...

The mind is the most powerful tool we have in everything we do and you are using to heal. Everything we put in our mouths acts just as a medicine does - the body uses it so diet is a powerful tool too. Together they make an amazing force for good - keep at it but i know you will. x

Debs said...

I certainly believe in the power of positive thought and a healthy diet.

Enjoy Lost in Austen, last one tonight, I can't wait. x

clairesgarden said...

enjoy your horseriding and your visitors, don't know where you find the energy!
I think you should try to eat as much organic and local in season foods that you can get, its not always easy finding them and I believe it can make a differece to health and how your body heals within itself.

JJ said...

My Dad's a doctor Lisa, and their limitations are evident to me. If something hasn't been proven in an impartial, double blind trial, it's not true.

And yet, they also recognise that your outlook is essential. How can they dispute the contribution diet makes?

You're doing brill and it's important to fight it on all methods - conventional and holistic. Good to hear you so positive.

Jon M said...

Keep it up Lisa! Do lots of riding and that will boost your oxygen levels...can you get horses on prescription? :-)