Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A Good Week

I've been meaning to blog all week but somehow didn't get around to it!  I had a weird couple of days after the Bowen Therapy; headaches, pain worsening in stomach and shoulder, yet very content and positive in terms of the mind.  The therapist said that for three days after, physical symptoms may be worse, and to expect headaches too.


By Saturday morning though, everything felt much better physically.  We went out looking for a replacement cooker as our oven died a few weeks ago.   'The man' said it'd be £200 to fix and at 14 years old, would probably break somewhere else, so it'd make more sense to buy a new one.  I hate the way nothing is built to last anymore and was pleased with our 14 year old cooker, but I had to accept it was the scrap heap for the poor thing.

Have you seen the price of cookers???!!!  Ours has two ovens, a grill, timer and self-cleaning liners (a must!) so to replace all that came in at £550.  Nearly had a heart attack. We went to the nearest retail park and found the £550 cooker for £450 in the shop next door, and then later in the evening, went online and found it for £350!  It really does pay to do a bit of research before you buy, eh.


Coming  on, coming  on!  Had another jumping lesson on Siobhan again, and am getting my confidence back now that my seat is far more secure.  I was quite tired though, but maybe that was due to having the Bowen a couple of days prior.  I'd had enough by the end of the lesson - put it that way!  I'm going to start helping out the minute I can physically handle more than a couple of hours of activity!

Scan Tomorrow

Results at the beginning of October.

The rest of it...

I've been out visiting!  Can you believe it?!  Actually got out of my house and went to someone else's house!  Been catching up with lots of people I didn't see over the summer too, as they were either away or busy with kids.  J brought me some lovely home-made apple chutney (yum yum!), and I had a phone call from someone I went to music college with in 1986/7!  She found me listed on friend's re-united and emailed me last week.  That was lovely.  And I have a birth relative coming to stay for a few days while on a business trip - so very excited and imagining myself well so that I can be active and able to go out, (or even just get off the sofa would be a good start!) when he's here.

Yup.  It has been, all in all, a good week.  A very good week, and I've a feeling there'll be more good weeks to come!

Now I better get to bed before my husband thinks I've fallen asleep on the couch.  Again!

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Lane said...

Glad you got a cooker bargain and glad to hear some positive things like visiting and riding and apple chutney (mmmm:-). Hurrah for a positive week and many more to follow.!

Hope the scan went ok too m'dear.