Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Beware of the Lurgy and Low Ceilings

The lurgy has descended upon my household like some biblical plague. The little one came home from school yesterday and promptly threw her guts up. I’m drowning in snot and mucus. Even the rabbit’s got snuffles! So today I have a sick child on the couch wrapped up in a blanket looking like Our Lady of Sorrows. The sick rabbit is sneezing under the piano stool and redecorating the carpet with various bodily fluids. She still looks very pissed off at having had 1ml of Baytril forced down her throat. Have you ever tried to dose a rabbit with antibiotics? My kitchen now has a white furry carpet complete with pretty red spots – of my blood. Only another 5 doses to go by which time I should have enough to knit up a sweater.

Excuse me while I sneeze…

Right – where was I? Oh yes, went to Manchester last night for my father in law’s 65th birthday, to a very nice restaurant - the Yang Sing. The decór is 1930s Shanghai, the food lovely and the staff very friendly. Apparently we’re moving into the Year of the Pig, so the waiter came and cooked spinach at the table. I tried not to sneeze on the food too much but the company did make me perk up temporarily.

In fact it was a great evening all round, despite having to drive all the way to Manchester and back. The only problem was that our table was positioned under the stairs and therefore a low slanting ceiling. And I knew about the ceiling because I sat under it for 4 hours. Nevertheless, I still managed to forget about it as we were leaving – a bit like the two year old who forgets that the corner of the table is at head height. What followed was a beautiful light show of twinkling stars and a rather large egg on the side of my head – an added extra at the Yang Sing.

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