Saturday, 10 February 2007

Maktub Andalucia - One's to watch!

Maktub are a fantastic group from Andalucia, Spain. I met Muni, Antonio, and Kouki when I lived in Andalucia, ten years ago now. Maktub was formed in 2005, and since then they have grown and developed into what I think, is one of the best World Music groups around. They have a blend of flamenco, reggae, jazz, blues and soul that is just awesome - pure honey for your ears - even if you don't speak Spanish. If you do, you'll find the lyrics just as beautiful as the sounds they produce. I can't wait for them to finish recording their first album, and I think you'll love them as much as I do!

The band members are:

Ismael Tamayo - Voz Flamenca (Voice - Flamenco)
AleRagga - Voz Ragga (Voice - Reggae/Rap)
Muni Shakarchi - Guitarras (Guitars - electric and flamenco)
Rafael Belmonte - Bajo (Bass Guitar)
Javier Marín - Batería (Drums and Percussion)
Kouki Portellano - Piano (Piano)
Antonio Beltrán - Saxo (Saxophone)
Juan Pablo Magarían - Sonido (Sound)

This is 'Tu Corazon' filmed in a friend's house in Malaga.

You can watch more of their music videos at Maktub Andalucia on You Tube and find out more about the band and hear more tracks at Maktub Andalucia on Myspace.

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